The female passenger plane refused to shut down results on the plane arrested

Female passengers mobile phones the rule of law police police station

shoujizhongguo· 2017-01-18 09:02:42

soon after the Spring Festival, I believe many people have set foot on the journey home. But the journey home to Caution! Moment, and also to abide by the law. Recently, such a thing happened in a flight, a woman because they did not listen to discourage police, refused to shut down, causing the woman under the machine after being punished.

"rule of law" according to CCTV column reported that a female passenger refused to close the mobile phone on the plane, and the face of police arrogant attitude, the attitude is very arrogant. It is reported that this female passengers face staff units, not only refused to close the mobile phone and other electronic equipment, do not stop sophistry has been shut down, and even "not on the staff (with)", "why to you", "you call a P".

finally, the crew was forced out of the passenger's mobile phone, but even in the face of still open mobile phone, this female passengers still do not recognize. After the flight arrived at the airport in Beijing, the police rushed to the woman to the police station. But the only excuse the toilet has been delayed more than and 20 minutes, but the station still refused to admit, even said "I know" and "I make what method" and "why should I sit here". Eventually, the woman was sentenced to administrative detention. Here, I also want to remind you that one, the airplane must take the initiative to shut down, so as not to affect the flight safety, otherwise the result with the woman.

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