Exposure of 048 projects: the founding of a hundred years to hold the 10 aircraft carrier

The aircraft carrier Chinese engineering destroyer

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data figure: is the construction of the first domestic aircraft carrier China

048 aircraft carrier construction project "exposure China Centennial will have 10 aircraft

according to official media reports, the afternoon of January 13th, by the Liaoning ship and ship number destroyer consisting of aircraft carrier formation, smooth across the sea training and test tasks after the return, a naval aircraft carrier docked in Qingdao. During the training, Liaoning ship aircraft carrier for the first time through the first island chain, the show has been basically formed combat. At the same time, the 001A carrier Dalian shipyard has entered into the countdown, according to the people's Liberation Army major general disclosure, China type 002 carrier construction began in 2015, Chinese is devoted to build real domestic aircraft carrier combat capability.

Hongkong "Ming Pao" 14 specifically published articles of Liang Guoliang disclosed the decision making process of the construction of aircraft carriers. The article pointed out that the PLA plans to build 10 aircraft in 2049 when the completion of the construction of the 100 aircraft carrier, the first wave of construction target of 6. The development of Chinese carrier is finalized in August 2004, said the "048 project", the three step strategy and a clear development carrier: the first step in 10 years to build 2 medium-sized aircraft carriers; the second step and 10 years to build 2 large aircraft carrier; the third step as the development of large-scale nuclear powered aircraft carrier.

from the program content can be clear, type 001 2 aircraft carrier is a conventional power, has started the construction of the 2 ship type 002 is a large aircraft carrier, is the conventional power, but the catapult takeoff, the third step is the large nuclear powered aircraft carrier. It is worth noting that, to join the Liaoning ship, so that the type 001 aircraft carrier jumped from medium to large aircraft carrier, which will enhance the level of type 002 aircraft carrier. Estimated 002 aircraft carriers may reach the standard displacement of 65 thousand tons, full load displacement and even up to 85 thousand tons. As for the 003 aircraft carrier may reach the level of the U.S. Nimitz class nuclear powered aircraft carrier. It is understood that the Hong Kong media called type 001, type 002, type 003 carrier corresponds to the mainland media called type 001, 001A type, type 002 carrier.

Hong Kong media: Mainland has solved the problem of sealing steam ejection opening ejection to significantly improve the efficiency of

Hong Kong media said, "048 project" and consider the use of catapult launch from the start, the Liaoning ship catapult launch postponed to the second step, but have more time to improve the China steam catapult. The article emphasizes that the opening Chinese has adopted a new method of sealing an ejection track, without sealing tape, not only save time and manpower to replace the tape, and steam loss, deck scheduling convenience, ejection efficiency than the U.S. increased by 1/3, in addition to be equipped with fixed wing AWACS, fighter carrying rate is also more than doubled to Liaoning ship 48.

from 001 aircraft carrier to the experience of the construction of the aircraft carrier, the design of the 003 nuclear powered aircraft carrier is estimated to be the beginning of the aircraft carrier service in 2021. In accordance with 3 years of design, construction of the year, in 2030 China's first large nuclear powered aircraft carrier will be able to serve, will use the same as the United States and the United States Ford aircraft carrier electromagnetic catapult takeoff. As for the other 003 aircraft carrier, I believe that separated by 2 years of service. After the completion of the

048 project, China will have a fleet of 6 aircraft, including a total of more than 2 takeoff, the launch of the 2 steam catapult, and the launch of the 2 electromagnetic catapult. The next step is to enter the second wave, with 20 years to build 4 large aircraft nuclear powered aircraft carrier, is expected in 2049 the implementation has 10 aircraft mission 100 years.

article said that at present Chinese obviously accelerate the carrier construction speed, one important factor is the development of electromagnetic catapult beyond the ideal of success, so the overall design of 003 aircraft carriers will start this year. In addition, Chinese also plans 002, 003 aircraft built at the same time in the north and south two shipyards, the fastest in 10 years we will have the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, equipped with advanced electromagnetic catapult, 3 years earlier than the scheduled 2030 target time.

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