International Watch: Britain's "hard to take Europe" program will stir up Europe

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Xinhua news agency in London in January 17, international observation: the British "hard off Europe" to emphasize the scheme will stir the European

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British Prime Minister Teresa May 17 in London Lancaster palace speak British "off the European" negotiating position. In Britain withdraw from the EU will not stay in the European common market, to take back the border control from the EU, to limit the number of British immigrants into europe. This means that the United Kingdom will seek "hard to take off europe".

this is a referendum since June 2016, the British decided to take off the euro, the British government for the first time on the issue of Europe to make a clear statement. How to respond to the European Union and the United Kingdom in the end how to take off the fear will affect the depth of the French and German elections this year, and even the whole process of European integration.

what is hard to remove the euro

Teresa May said in his speech, if the United Kingdom does not leave the common market, it can not be regarded as true". She said the United Kingdom will not seek to sign any agreement with the EU to allow the United States to stay half, half of the agreement, the United Kingdom and the European Union to establish a new equality".

Teresa May stressed that the removal of Europe means that Britain must regain control of the border. Public opinion, Teresa May's speech is completely eliminated after some British politicians support the "soft off Europe" (that is, to give up part of the boundary conditions of sovereignty, to allow the immigration cost in the common market) scheme. This shows that, in Teresa Mei's goal of Europe, the restriction of immigration is more important than the common market access.

for the EU may take on the British "hard off Europe" retaliation, Teresa May warned that if the EU member states in the UK and Europe sought after setting punitive tariffs on Britain, it will be "catastrophic damage behavior".

Teresa May admitted that Britain would seek to sign a free trade agreement with the European Union, to the greatest degree of entry into the common market ", but this trade agreement negotiations will be very difficult, because of the need to maintain the process of European integration," shock and awe "other has shown" centrifugal force "members of the British do not show weakness.

in the UK will remain in the EU customs union on the issue, Teresa Mei did not stand, but said the United Kingdom hopes to reach a tariff agreement with the EU countries, but did not give more details.

EU customs union is an important economic pillar of the European union. As a member of the customs union, the United Kingdom can not reach a free trade agreement with non EU countries. The question of whether Britain will withdraw from the EU customs union will be an important aspect of the next phase of "taking off Europe".

what is the "global"

Teresa May repeatedly stressed in the speech of 17 days, the British can use the "exit" the opportunity to "real" as an independent nation and the world to expand trade, and is committed to creating a "real world" of Great Britain passed out to the outside world "although the UK out of the EU, but a strong signal to embrace the world".

Teresa May said in his speech, the United Kingdom not only to deal with the EU's neighbors and best friends, but also to strengthen ties with countries outside europe. She said: "Europe will not allow the UK to become an inward oriented country."

at present, the United Kingdom has begun with Australia, New Zealand and India and other countries to carry out preliminary trade negotiations. Just a few days ago, U.S. President elect Trump in an interview with British media in their own commitments, a few weeks after he took office in the UK and signed a "fast, fair trade agreement", the British "from Europe" has become a "great event".

analysts pointed out that despite Teresa May's position to embrace the world, but the EU is still vital to the United kingdom. The EU is the UK's biggest trading partner, EU trade volume accounted for about half of the total amount of foreign trade, so the EU between can ultimately achieve zero tariff free trade agreements are of great significance in the uk. What is the

on the "big board" Britain "and European" program, Teresa Mei made it clear that the British government and the European Union "and European" negotiation protocol will eventually by the British Parliament vote, and will take effect.

analysts pointed out that in the removal of the European dominance, the government's compromise on the Council for the United Kingdom, the removal of the EU program to reduce the uncertainty of the dispute. On the other hand, Teresa May's position is only to show that the British unilateral plan, the United Kingdom will eventually take off Europe depends on the lengthy and complex negotiations with the eu.

in Teresa Meva speaking, European Council president Tusk said, compared to the previous British wanted to stay in the common market, and does not allow the free flow of EU immigration stance, Teresa May's position in the "at least more realistic". EU officials responsible for the removal of Europe, said the negotiations, the United Kingdom in order to allow the free flow of migrants and the EU to reach a free trade agreement, the idea can only be a mirage".

2016, a British referendum off Europe ", the Italy constitutional referendum failed, populist European waves are surging, suffered a severe impact on the process of European integration. This year, the European Union will face France

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