Woman's neck knife forced her husband to return home for the new year

Her family her neck her husband a woman

xiandaikuaibaoquanmei· 2017-01-18 13:33:02

Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Wang Xiaoyu Wang Hui - recently, who lives in Lianyungang, Donghai County) and a single wife Chen due to which parents over new year triggered a dispute, in order to achieve the purpose of the new year back home, Chen first make missing, after the suicide, thanks to the police and control, mediation, to avoid the farce the tragedy of the change.

1" on the evening of 14 August 22 PM, a single with two children rushed to the Public Security Bureau of Donghai County cattle Hill police station for help: "my wife and I were at odds, now micro channel picture over hand, with a knife to commit suicide! Police officers on duty immediately to investigate, and soon found Chen in a hotel in the city of Donghai County, and then assigned to patrol the scene near the police.

in the hotel room after Chen knocked on the door, the police found the insurance chain, in order not to cause Chen's vigilance, hotel security to check the items in the room that no damage on the grounds that lie open the door. Chen found the police into the room and her husband after a single, quickly took out a fruit knife shouting: you back, do not come, or I will commit suicide! ", the mood is very excited. In order to ensure the safety of Chen, Chen police patience to do ideological work, Chen family environment, let them know their responsibilities as a mother, as children's duty; then let the cherish life, cherish the present living environment, more difficult to self love. After repeated work, Chen thought loose, but still holding a fruit knife. In order to divert the attention of Chen, the police persuaded him to leave the room to solve the family conflicts outside, Chen took a fruit knife to persuade the elevator. In a narrow space between the elevator, the police can finally close to Chen, while it is not prepared, and auxiliary police decisively to seize Chen hands, will eventually be a fruit knife grabbed the hands of chen.

in order to solve the problems, the police took Chen, a single to the police station mediation, after a patient, Chen to the police to reveal its Sichuan Province, because back home is far away, a year before the new year when the return to a home, but this is not her husband agreed to her mother's new year, will she bought a train ticket to hide. Angrily, she staged a scene above. After nearly 2 hours of mediation, Chen Moumou, single two couples with their long time accumulated grievances are said to come out, after the police judge, each aware of their own problems, to put these couples "knots" unlock, Chen said, will be to solve the contradictions of life, husband and wife two thanks to the enthusiastic assistance of police.

(editor Wang Peng)

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