This is Liu Yan? After the double fold eyelid super thick

Cold Liu Yan Su Yan double fold eyelid

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-18 14:34:27

1" on Sept. 18 at noon, Liu Yan micro-blog drying out a makeup from the pictures, photos of her eyes, her mouth and a slightly aggrieved expression. How the goddess in the blues? Liu Yan issued a statement to explain, like a cold in the bone palm! Fans are a burst of love, take good care of yourself! Get better soon! "

1 17 July, Liu Yan micro-blog and Fu Yuanhui drying out in the" 2016 micro-blog night "activities on the photo, turned many girls," the whole people in good out of a bandbox in good condition. As a result, the cold came too soon, today, Liu Yan micro-blog issued a document, said the cold like a bone in the palm! "And the allotment of a makeup from the pictures. Although the goddess is still beautiful, but a little tired and weak.

recent cold weather, and probably at the end of the busy work, the goddess of suffering from cold, attracted fans from distressed, "cold weather wear more, take good care of yourself! Remember to add a lot of clothes to yourself, remember to fight less! "" to quickly get better ah! "

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