A small program to understand the thinking behind WeChat and restraint, and how to operate?

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19 font-family: Arial" > am, a small program to come. In accordance with the dragons just push the circle of friends, "19 > font-family: Arial" day is not a random choice, but to pay tribute to 10.



1," TAB " there was the entrance, but not all the

TAB page does not appear in the entrance, even if you install the latest version of WeChat. Can be read, WeChat first with the greatest restraint, to ensure that the entrance will not be harassment of ordinary users. From another point of view, this entry is only the user's use of records, all the use of small programs will be in accordance with the most recent use of time from near to far order. So, when dragons in WeChat pro said the General Assembly will not provide entrance this sentence does not.


2, entrance, small program only supports precise search, does not support the fuzzy matching of

there are a lot of people in the circle of friends Tucao WeChat why do not pay attention to user experience, in fact, we can see that this is the official WeChat search function in deliberately weakening. If the fuzzy matching means to SEO keyword search can be operation optimization, and will form a flow of external interference can be completely incompatible with the WeChat platform, the "center" thinking.


3, does not support long according to the two-dimensional code to open small program

several WeChat group, there are people who share in the" awareness program "small program store, you can quickly find the application already on the line, but WeChat does not support the user presses the two-dimensional code open. Such a deliberate experience, it is necessary to stop the spread of some of the non normal online, such as some of the platform is good at scanning code to open the coupons to send cash envelopes. Although the official has been restricted to a small program does not exceed 1M, but not necessary to open it makes WeChat APP cache data more and more bloated.

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