Zhang Xiaolong, watercress, ferryman and the US dollar exchange rate.

exchange rate

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2016 in December 28th, bingshen year month day year gengzi.

Shen bed, sneaking into the room.

this day, I leave from Bali Island, on the way home to enjoy this wonderful circle of friends. Some things is not reliable, the scraper circle of friends. Morning is Zhang Xiaolong, WeChat and a small program, the afternoon is watercress, Yang Bo, people's daily, "the Great Wall" and "the ferryman", near midnight, is RMB Offshore exchange rate not broken 7...

news a few scenes, climax, my friends split into several factions, views and prejudices, Public opinions are divergent. position with the comments, unable to agree on which is right.

although Conan said, "there is only one truth," but people seem to prefer stance based catharsis, rather than the truth and facts. Or that position is truth.

"opinion views", is good, but if we seem keen to partisan, by. The social network has amplified the bad habits of everyone in the social network, the imaginary character and taste of their own insights and virtues of a cut above others, the imaginary enemy, a cut above others, imaginary teammates... Self, beauty after self portrait, we are Meng Meng da.

said Zhang Xiaolong and small procedures.

read WeChat open class, I am very glad to tell two friends, "your hairline saved".

Zhang Xiaolong and WeChat a small step, a big step in China's internet. Go on the altar, from the beginning of 2012 so far, Zhang Xiaolong and WeChat remain in the level of public opinion "pres world" high, it is no exaggeration to say that Zhang Xiaolong piss, can shower in the circle of friends, was eventually "media" were described as a piaopo.

so called potential energy. Day logged over 768 million users, of which more than 50% of users use more than 90 minutes. An unprecedented achievement.

of Comrade Zhang Xiaolong's speech, there are a few worth:

for example, write a great deal about this year not to engage in red war, we should spend more time with my family, it seems that WeChat red a few years ago should not spend more time with my family...

for example, WeChat is not a platform, not a way of life, WeChat is just a tool after all, WeChat is the platform, only that WeChat is just a tool, it is clear and humble. Li Jiacheng is wearing fabulously rich, cheap watches, is a legend. I understand the truth.

, for example, WeChat small program mission is to allow users to run away, no subscription and push, can not share the circle of friends, after all, only 780 million of WeChat users, WeChat search engine is not called, as LOW.

, for example, Zhang Xiaolong moved out of his point of view in 2012, two-dimensional code is the entrance, after all kinds of thinking, only today's small program. May 23, 2012, remember - is in May 23, 2012, Zhang Xiaolong said, PC Internet portal in the search bar, the entrance of the mobile Internet in the two-dimensional code".

words, sounds have a distinctive taste: "we recently opened an internal meeting, one of the founders of the Tencent Tony said, in fact, the WeChat team maintained a very restrained attitude to do things. Many people think we are restrained in WeChat products, but in fact I had heard such comments are a little surprised, because the word restraint never in my head there, if we do something myself very restrained, that is what kind of behavior? It is a kind of self suppression behavior, but I don't think we're doing this when we decided to self repression, or that they cut out many of us want to do things, it is not a good condition".

Chinese broad and profound, and the speaker has no intention, the listener interested, enthusiastic spectators will figure out what WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong beat Tencent overtones - founder of Tony? Of course, I don't think so, at least not.

listened to Zhang Xiaolong's speech, study hard, will inevitably feel empty, this is a bowl of grand narrative and technology feelings flying chicken soup. A small program may contain ambition, Tencent WeChat and Zhang Xiaolong, smug, but I'm still not very optimistic about this product, as to why, after two days, we carefully analyze.

short, WeChat Pro Zhang Xiaolong, WeChat open class including Tencent, the clear of the ice force, yueranzhishang.

is probably over Lenovo and interpretation of Zhang Xiaolong's speech, after reading, always feel Alipay gun lying inside blood to WeChat Biao "way of life", "social", to claim not the platform, but a simple tool for allowing users to use as soon as possible as soon as possible, although users only a small program to leave as soon as possible, don not leave WeChat; as for Alipay, it is hard to again try social, after all, Alipay is constantly on the run, the real tool, Alipay users really use Alipay immediately after leaving the end, Alipay in the desperate to get rid of their own tools of destiny, marching to life platform.

of WeChat and Alipay's competition, is not equal.

we do not know, Zhang Xiaolong does not do this year, said the WeChat red envelopes, is not a needle

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Zhang Xiaolong, watercress, ferryman and the US dollar exchange rate.

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