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[Global Times - global network reporter Wu Wei] US President elect Trump will be sworn in on Friday. For the United States and Taiwan Relations after he took office, the former president of the United States in Taiwan Association Bu Ruizhe proposed 4 recommendations".

Taiwan's Central News Agency says 18 days, Bu Ruizhe in the United States think tank of the National Bureau of Asian research published the latest article, US Taiwan relations are unique and successful, the United States does not reproduce the original state of tension, pleased to see both sides of the Chen Shuibian era. He believes that the future no matter in any case, Washington cannot reach an agreement on the future of Taiwan and Beijing, and to the Trump government 4 suggestions: US Taiwan continue to close communication, mutual respect and benefit to avoid accidents, the relationship between the two sides continue; Washington and Taipei should earnestly strive for bilateral economic relations and trade liberalization, in the trans Pacific the partnership agreement (TPP) has been a hopeless situation, the United States and Taiwan "bilateral investment agreement" has the best chance, this need to solve some of the existing Taiwan trade barriers, such as to allow U.S. pork imports; America and Taiwan should deepen bilateral security relations, including arms sales to Taiwan, the mainland continued to deal with military construction; the United States should continue to assist Taiwan to participate in the international community.

public opinion analysis, see from the four points to the United States to Taiwan, received the "protection money" can be a lot of Taiwan, the future must be imported containing clenbuterol US pork, the military must also continue to spend a lot of money to buy weapons.

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