Fami pass score: biochemical crisis 7, 36 points

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-01-18 22:45:50

the Fami pass score released this time, the protagonist is "biochemical crisis 7", is a platinum palace works of 36 points. "Biochemical crisis" series to this one into a first person perspective, with the previous generations of works not feel the same, but fear is strengthened a lot, in front of returned students said the ghost Cang Demo: this very niubi. The following is the feeling of Fami for this:

biochemical crisis 7, the first clearance requires roughly 15 hours.

survival horror features retained, the enemy was particularly obvious when chasing terror.

PSVR mode into a strong sense of play is always very uneasy, from good sense makes people tired.

some places lack of change makes people feel boring, but the story pulled it.

either as a PS4 or PSVR game, the quality of this are guaranteed.

personal feeling of the game, some of the content is insufficient, but the density of terror is beyond imagination.

"Resident Evil 7" will be on sale in January 24, 2017, when you buy this to be careful not to be scared ah.

is the Fami score following details:

PS4/XB1 "Resident Evil 7" (36 9/9/9/9)

PS4/PSV "Reloaded 32" unbelievable fantasy Xiang (8/8/8/8)

PSV "REI-JIN-G-LU-P 32" (8/8/8/8)

PSV "star selection racing girl" (7/7/6/7) 27

PSV" onmyoji "binary 30 (8/8/7/7)

PSV" Orfre "happy flowers 27 (7/7/7/6)

3DS" Drone "Fight 25 (7/6/6/6)

source: blog esuteru

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