Rhyme listed, Nie Tengyun couple A shares reached the top ten

Wealth listed reached the rhyme

touzijie· 2017-01-19 03:29:43

2017 January 18th morning, rhyme Cmi Holdings Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the rhyme shares, 002120.SZ) listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange, the official landing of the capital market.

rhyme shares opened at 50.40 yuan, as of midday at 12, the share price of $47.98, down 4.8%.

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Xinhai shares 17 evening announcement, the company's application, and approved by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since January 18, 2017, the company launched a new securities referred to as "rhyme shares", the company's securities code unchanged, is still "002120".

three to reach the completion of the listing of

was established in 1999 rhyme courier, from the creation of a dozen people, dozens of ticket express, has developed into a courier industry giants.

in rhyme after the completion of the listing of A shares, first financial wealth list shows that the actual control of Nie and his wife Chen Liying, Tengyun shares value reached 33 billion 426 million yuan, ranking tenth. In the logistics industry, 39 billion 800 million yuan this wealth only 41 billion 828 million yuan, Yuantong Express actual controller Yu Huijiao couple Transfar Group actual control of the Xu Chuanhua family, ranked third.

with the rhyme shares officially listed, tact, in the pass, Shen Tong and rhyme of the four access lines of private express delivery companies have completed listing, in express market growth fell in the background, in 2017 the courier industry will usher in a comprehensive capital competition.

according to data released by the national postal administration in 2017, the data show that in 2016 the courier business volume completed 31 billion 350 million, an increase of 51.7%, operating income of $400 billion 500 million, an increase of 44.6%. It is expected that in 2017 the annual express business volume completed 42 billion 300 million, an increase of 35%; business income of $516 billion 500 million, an increase of 30%.

according to previous public information display, tact, in the pass, sto and SF are listed in the corresponding plan to raise funds, respectively, to raise funds not more than 2 billion 300 million yuan, 10 billion yuan, 4 billion 800 million yuan, 8 billion yuan.

but the rhyme backdoor listing late start, coinciding with the cancellation of the listing of the securities and Futures Commission supporting fund-raising, so rhyme in the listing did not raise the matching funds simultaneously. From the point of view of the capital, the loss of the loss of the opportunity to achieve this rhyme is not small, for the subsequent development of the rhyme strategy to promote or have a certain impact.

rhyme advance planning reorganization ecosystem layout

a week ago, Yunda announced a major adjustment of the organizational structure according to the announcement, the new warehouse department, international business department, customer service department and commercial department and other four departments, adjust the organizational structure of rhyme in the city on the eve of the show of strategic planning the adjustment.

Nie Tengyun had explicitly proposed to open up the upstream and downstream, expand the industrial chain, Datong, the construction of ecological circle painting circle "as a guide, in accordance with the idea of a rhyme, positioning itself is not only express, but integrated service providers, including business. The rhyme of the new four business segments, especially the terminal division and business unit, showing a strategic ambition.

over the past few years, rhyme in the courier terminal network has been in a variety of layout, including self built stores, convenience stores and intelligent courier cabinet, etc..

2015 in June, Yunda shares investment to create Shenzhen city Feng nest Technology Co. Ltd., Yunda has at present, except Shenzhen and Feng nest express easy, cloud cabinet, goodaymart, e stations, Nanjing branch, magic lattice, CIMC Futron and other major smart courier cabinet companies to cooperate, all day delivery volume has reached 300 thousand a day.

in addition, rhyme shares to focus on building the convenience store + Express mode, namely the di convenience store, try to stick their hands into community market, with "convenience store + Express mode to solve everyday FMCG sales, to resolve the problem of express delivery.

as of May 2016, the rhyme at the end of self built stores more than 20000 outlets, convenience stores, property cooperation resources cooperation and the three party more than 16650, which is the main partner of Vanke property, full supermarket, Shanghai Liangyou, wheat commune and so on, in addition to more than 74000 smart courier cabinet.

in international business, since 2013, Yunda freight with Japan and South Korea, have the United States, Germany, Australia and other countries and regions to carry out international express business cooperation with SF, tact has force established its own air freight system, to enter the international market, also will catch the leader in rhyme capital power.

in terms of business, rhyme reached in February 2015 on the line cross-border electricity supplier website U-DA (excellent pass love), officially entered the cross-border electricity supplier market.

but it is generous investment SF SF preferred or rhyme and pass love, courier companies test the water business market efforts are not successful. How to achieve the future of the business through the Ministry of Commerce to achieve the transformation of the comprehensive service provider's ambition, will become a major aspect of the courier business transformation and upgrading.

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