Tens of millions of migrant workers receive cash piled up hard-earned money

Wages Chengshan site cash

zhongqingwang· 2017-01-19 05:54:16

"installation group 1 million", "2 million" Steel Group ", woodworking group and logistics group 3 million 500 thousand, the morning of January 18th, in the city of Xi'an Huxian project site, a festive scene," I love you who care for migrant workers "the Spring Festival theme activities held condolences. More than 300 years of hard migrant workers friends get own wages and funds, smiling. Has done 6 years of Architectural Engineering in Xi'an Li Zeguo of Sichuan who received nearly 60 thousand yuan, he is happy and happy to say, "this year of my graduate master's only daughter, bumperyears grade married, I want to use the money for her wedding. "

"in the money scene, a total of 12 million yuan of cash bundles were piled up on the table, the bank staff issued a busy around the building under construction, is not completed. From the development of deep foundation pit to today's landmark building in Huxian, and you toil day and night and hard work can not be separated, sincere thanks and tribute! "Wage and reward the full payment, who is responsible for the construction and construction units are bowing to migrant workers friends thanks and hope to meet again next year pay New Year's call.

"is an important participant in the construction of city migrant workers, without them there would be no beautiful and comfortable city this year. According to the Xi'an municipal construction department, in order to make the hard work of the urban construction workers get paid on time, in recent years, government departments have been working hard to improve the mechanism. The construction and construction units from passive to active in the current issue, thanks to migrant workers is a reflection of civilization and progress, but also the functions of the government efforts toward the "proof waiter" forward, now basically eliminate arrears phenomenon.

2016" in October, in the construction sector was established more than ten years began running disbanded, since 2017 began running levels withdraw from the stage of history. Migrant workers' wage arrears phenomenon, by the Xi'an municipal urban construction, social public security and other seven departments of the "one" office to solve.

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