100% of all parents who love their children, and the children are growing up in the non love, why?

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believes that 100% of all parents will say: "I love my children! Do everything! "Yes, we think we love children, but in fact we don't love them right. Especially when children are born with independent consciousness, desire and freedom.

" a lot of parents often said: "every day I take the kids with the dead. He kept running every day, making trouble everywhere. "They don't know how to love their children when they think they are making mistakes. Children can not feel the love of their parents.

these two days to review Sun Ruixue's love and freedom, especially for this special feeling. Here to share with you.

love is not a spoiled child care is


in the Sun Ruixue children's home, a 2 year old little friend. When she first entered the nursery, she cried out every 11 minutes or so.

how does her teacher do it? I think your answer is to appease her, let her not cry, right? NONONO, the teacher asked her to go out and follow her. In this way, the first few days she cried every 11 points to go out, the teacher led her to go outside, turn her back on the peace of mind.

for the next 1 months, the teacher was riding his bike around the streets every day. 1 months later, she no longer has this requirement, but wandering in the nursery and the teacher behind her...... 3 months later, the child began to enter the classroom, in order to build up a free .

do you know what's behind it? The children's mother work three shifts, their original life order and not the same as others. Mom has only 11 minutes to take her out to play, so she will have this requirement. The teacher did not force her to change immediately, but to follow her own change.

as a parent, the first thought should not be how to manage the child, but how to take care of her freedom. In order not to scold the sound development of Every order is executed without fail. out, but to respect the child out of the inner rules and guide.

" picture book "the little prince"

love does not want to let things drift, why why, the children in the absence of excessive bundle under the condition of her own heart gradually began to accept the children's Hospital, into the nursery, need not every day the teacher told her, pulling she pulled her clothes into the classroom. This is the result of freedom.

it's just that most of our parents don't give children the time, right?

love is not the dignity of the child care bundle is

another child appeared "steal" events in the children's hospital. The teacher to bring other small children's snacks are placed in the cupboard, the child found, and then always secretly to get. If he is seen by the teacher, he will be embarrassed, and sometimes he will say, "I will help you".

if at home, what would we do? Timely education of children, this is something else, you have to go through the permission of adults. "Or something like that, right?

let's see what the teacher does. The teacher is also very worried about the child will go bad, develop bad habits. But Sun Ruixue's guidance is very surprising, she said: he ate there, affect other children? The teacher said: do not affect. Then the teacher said: after he took, you and he said: you can't take it, the teacher to help you get.

in this way, 3 months later, the child no longer "steal", he knows how to control their behavior.

we might be surprised that the kids don't stop stealing?

yes. As an adult, it is stealing. But as a little child, he didn't really know what it was. His concept is: these delicious put there, I want to eat. He will do everything he can to get what he wants.

think about it, when we hide our snacks at home, is he going around? Found the door closed behind or secretly you eat?

" we called discipline is most adult dignity even cursed frightened children, but his inner desire has always been there, but he temporarily fear you, so have to control his behavior. Once there is a chance, conditional, he will burst out, even more terrible.

love is not suppressed

is letting nature take the lead

a few days ago to edit the group of small partners to share. There is a 95 of my colleagues after listening to my share, especially with emotion, he said: if my parents know these early

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