16 years: the warmth of his son Sichuan sixty father accompanied deaf son to stall

Father and son with his son father warmth stall

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16 years and his son

with warmth spread deaf son for father sixty stall should stick to the old day

Neijiang Xiao Dong Jie, Tang Ronghu (right) pointed shoes degumming, the customer needs to inform his son Yu Tang (left


Neijiang city in the downtown area of the small street, a father and son in a roadside stall for 16 years, father Tang Rong Hu selling socks, belts and other groceries, Tang Yu son on the side of the booth for shoes, shoe. Son for deaf since childhood when his son, booth customers take care of business, father will come forward to reception, and through communication with gestures and other way than the son, let the son understand customer needs.

"he exchanges and more difficult, I will accompany him to the stall, take care of him." In January 17th, Tang Ronghu Chengdu daily in an interview with reporters, 16 years ago, his son because of body condition is limited, not easy to find work, he would let his son learn from the stall for repair technology. In order to take care of his son, he is no longer working around, choose to accompany his son to stall. "Although the stall we had only enough income to maintain basic life, but I'll always go with him, until the day I get old."

father and son father booth next to the son son booth of unknown customer business, father communication

the morning of January 17th 10, the Chengdu Daily reporter went to Neijiang small street, Tang Ronghu, Tang Yu son booth next to, two stalls have no business. Tang Ronghu sat by his own grocery store and looked up at his son. Tang Yuze in his shoe repair standing around.

a few minutes later, a woman carrying a bag came to the booth before the Tang Island, ready to replace the zipper bag. Tang Ronghu saw, quickly got up and took the woman in the hands of the bag, the bag to his son, pointing to the bag inside the broken zipper. Tang Yu learned that the woman had come from his father's actions, he sat down and began to replace the zipper. After the replacement of the zipper, the island will be handed back to the woman, the father took the cost. The whole process, don't communicate with customers.

for a while, a woman carrying a shoe to find Tang Yu, but she explained what he wanted, but Tang Yu did not understand, to turn to my father's eyes. It turned out that her mother-in-law's shoes degumming, hope that the island repair. Tang Rong Hu after that, he leaned over the shoe degumming point, indicating that his son will be a good crack.

with his father 12 years ago,

and his wife divorced with his son for 16 years

has set up a stall

Chengdu Daily reporter tried to communicate with Tang Yu, but no matter what the reporter said, wearing a hearing aid, Tang Island voted to turn to his father's eyes. "He (Tang Yu) is more difficult to communicate with people, although in recent years wearing a hearing aid, but only others speak louder, to hear some." Tang Rong nonsense, so the majority of customers looking for his son, he came forward reception and communication.

, according to Tang Ronghu introduction, he was 62 years old, his son, Tang Island, aged 34, in addition to a child of the age of 25 working in Zhejiang. About 12 years ago, he and his wife because of personality differences after the divorce, Tang island will live with him, the father and son live together in the public rental housing in Neijiang. He also said that the reason why his son was deaf, just because he was born more than a month because of a high fever hit a lot of antibiotics needle, leading to hearing disorders. "But we went to him (Tang Yu) when he was two years old and found that he could not hear, can not speak, sent to Chengdu, Chongqing to the hospital for treatment, but it is too late."

Tang Rong said, because his son is a deaf mute, has not been able to find a suitable job. Therefore, in the Tang Yu aunt's suggestion, he decided to send his son to study the repair technology. After two years of repair, 17 year old Tang Yu in the local federations help, in a small street stall to repair. "But my son is a deaf mute, it is difficult to communicate with people, I am very worried about him." Tang Rong nonsense, in order to take care of his son, who had been working around him in the stall next to his son put a stall selling groceries, accompanied his son to help him communicate with customers. Tang Rong said, they stall a monthly income of about six hundred or seven hundred yuan, just enough basic living expenses, although not to go out to work, but he accompanied his son to accompany my heart at ease, and this is 16 years.

family Promise Father is going to accompany him to the old

although the son entrusted to stall the income is not high, plus subsistence allowances, allowances for disabled people, Tang Ronghu and his son can only maintain basic living expenses, but the son can be self reliant, he is quite satisfied. "Sometimes, customers know our situation, will give more money, but don't insist on." Tang Ronghu proudly said, 2011, Tang Yuceng as the central city of Neijiang city on behalf of the disabled self-reliance, to participate in Neijiang City, the Fifth Congress of the Federation of the disabled.

2012, Tang island in local federations with the help of wearing hearing aid. "With the aid of a hearing aid, he can hear some sounds and communicate with people." Tang Rong said, could see, Tang Yu also slowly learned to say "hello", "sorry" and other simple words, but not a sentence. "So he can't live without me."

Tang Ronghu said his son was 34 years old, who had

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