Wang Xiaofei love daughter friends: the son is charging calls to send it

Wang Xiaofei charge calls love daughter s

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-19 09:10:25


January 19th morning, Wang Xiaofei micro-blog love daughter Wang Xiyue: "I love Yue children then, who can understand?" And with a daughter to play photos, photos of Wang Xiyue naivete smile.


Wang Xiyue is the first child of Wang Xiaofei and large s, currently has more than two years. This summer, Wang Xiaofei and I ushered in his second children Wang Xilin.


many friends to see his love for Wang Xiaofei after her daughter, with Wang Xiaofei is not a patriarchal one, not because of his son's birth and ignore her daughter. Users have to respond to Wang Xiaofei's questions in the comments: "we all understand you, because love is so big, the crystallization of love both of you love ~" there are friends in imitation of Wang Xilin wronged mood funny comments: "Dad, you only love my sister, I am charging calls to send?"

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