Don't be negligent eager to return home 5 days the train station picked up 80 pieces of luggage

Egret express spring luggage XiaMen Railway Station

taihaiwang· 2017-01-19 09:18:18

egret service station staff are registered passengers lost luggage.

spring has begun for several days, from this week, the XiaMen Railway Station passenger entered the peak period, careless travelers are more and more, wallet, ID cards, luggage...... Every day, the XiaMen Railway Station can shelter all kinds of goods.

yesterday, the reporter learned from the XiaMen Railway Station, from January 13th to January 17th, just 5 days, the XiaMen Railway Station and the XiaMen North Railway Station has picked up a total of 80 passengers, a daily average of 16 will be able to pick up the pieces, there are still many unclaimed.


most easily lost luggage every day people lost luggage, especially during the spring festival. In the XiaMen Railway Station egret service station, the reporter saw the lost information are recorded in a notebook, picked up from missing items at a time and place to pack color appearance, and then to the backpack items, are very detailed records.

since January 2017, the book has recorded 102 items of information, 37 of which were recorded after the spring festival.

at the scene, the reporter met the little egret desk staff check luggage, the luggage suitcase, backpack, staff 11 open to each baggage number, finished after the luggage will be stored in the warehouse.

"we open the luggage, see if you can find contact information, try to contact each other." Staff introduction, in general, can help save a year, but some of the items they feel important, has not been cleaned.

where is the high incidence of luggage? From the registration book, the reporter found that most of them are missing in the security entrance, there are some missing in the waiting room and train.

baggage train ride to find the owner

yesterday, the reporter encountered a passenger called to find luggage. It is understood that the passengers in January 15th to take the D6583 Ganzhou to Xiamen EMU, halfway to get off, missing a black suitcase, eventually, the suitcase was sent to XiaMen Railway Station.

suitcase set a password, we can not open the store into the warehouse, the passenger said there is a driver's license, we intend to look at the identity information." Staff told reporters, after confirmation, will be returned to the passenger baggage.

interesting is that, because most of the express delivery has been stopped, the staff on the use of off the shelf Express - train, to send free baggage to passengers. "Look at the passengers who want to send to the site, we fill in the passenger records, to the conductor, let them take to the site, visitors come to take."

in addition, visitors can ID to the baggage claim table service type.

ID lost up to

lost items, the most is the ID card. This year, Xiamen station has picked up 47 ID card.

"some waiting time drop, some is lost when the verification of identity." According to reports, every once in a while, the staff will send an identity card, the station to buy some envelopes, stamps, in accordance with the identity card address information sent in the past.

a stamp 1.2 yuan, can be sent to all parts of the country. But the little egret staff worried that many migrant workers do not live in the home, after they were returned to the mail, or to remind passengers to ride their luggage and pay attention to important documents, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble".

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