Liaoning old melon seeds out of the melon seeds sold far South Korea

Liaoning melon seeds old man Japan and South Korea

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When the new year

, one family together, chatting, playing cards, drinking … … all cannot do without the same - melon seeds! From New Year's day, every family New Year atmosphere more and more concentrated in a few days, families began to busy with the first year into special purchases for the Spring Festival, taste, is home to entertain guests the melon seeds, peanuts, nuts, every family is essential, this is called flavor.

" is a good stuff without hair! Can perfectly match any scene of the "standard", whether it is visiting relatives, or weddings, always have it on the desktop. Friends gathering, grab a meal eaten; and a handful of seats, nibbling for a while; watch TV, grab a melon; catch a Kankan gossip, nibbling for a while; even boring in a daze, can also grab a melon.

seeds while delicious, but the technology is divided into high and low fried melon seeds in Nanfen area, there is a magical fried melon seeds "old man", he fried melon seeds for several years have been pursued by the people, so that local people have forgotten him called Wang Siqi, are in the habit of using his fried melon seeds instead of his name.

said the "old man" small series really know a lot, just 17 years ago, Uncle Wang will be in his hometown of Shandong learned fried melon seeds to stunt second hometown Benxi, started one shovel fried hot seeds to passers-by. There was no store, woven bags of seeds composed of small stalls, every day can be sold 400 pounds of cash, and entered the twelfth lunar month must purchase, customers to buy "a little more than one grain not, do not sell", and even people buy seeds queuing and fighting, the "hot" melon stalls, 6 years have not been prices rose too, and the old seeds "has also been flown to Japan, South Korea, how? Do you feel a little bad!

if you ask the old man: "how do you do this fire business? Is there any secret? "You may not get the answer, people do not give their own publicity and marketing, only concerned about three words - fried melon seeds. In order to find a good source, the eldest son of Wang Xianwen adhering to the principle of his father at all costs. Every time I go out to walk on the purchase, far apart from each other for a couple of months, only expenses more than ten thousand yuan. Over the years, trained a good skill, grasping a few seeds you probably know is heavy. That he inherited his father's younger brother special roasted craft is not ambiguous, just look out of the smoke, you know a melon cooked, not enough. Not with you blow, this "stall" even the government to help the registered trademark, in the end of 2016, Nanfen market supervisory authority staff take the initiative to find Wang Xianwen, hope can help the old seeds to expand the business. Let Wang Xianwen did not expect is that a few days of hard work, the staff on the completion of the trademark design, trademark agents and other procedures to check, and the trademark trial.

believe it or not, now, although already 75 years old, he is still sometimes Wang Siqi personally roasted, personally sellers, he often told his son, "customer recognition is tantamount to the taste, do good to fried melon seeds. "This is not

, in the District of Nanfen passenger station" the old man "small melon stalls, and lined up. No matter how cold it is, "old man" Wang Siqi and his two sons, every day to adhere to the traditional manual way of fried melon seeds, which is not for others, in order to hold the "flavor".

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Liaoning old melon seeds out of the melon seeds sold far South Korea