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a simple message, opened the lid of public transpiration for a long time, people questioned the statistical data and distrust, seem to find the most direct release port.

Liaoning governor Chen Qiufa in the provincial government work report stated, "we braved the ugly face of pressure, squeezing the water seriously", and a number of indicators including GDP, Liaoning in 2016 to complete the objectives of the blame for this.

is very interesting.


problem serious? Serious. Not only in Liaoning, the entire northeast region have spread such a pair of antithetical couplet: "the higher pressure lower, layers of overweight, a lower to higher layers; water, natural". In a 2015 report by

, the financial magazine described a A Province as a "more serious example of a distorted sample of economic data in various regions".

a little bit more, I try to be simple. The

story begins with the financial crisis of 2008. 2009, 2010, the A provincial statistical bulletin, import and export data all disappear, because these data are negative growth, a direct impact on the growth rate of GDP. With its help, the A in the two provinces of GDP increased by 13.1% and by the year of. More over, in order to maintain the net export is "face", the "12th Five-Year statistical bulletin" period, A Province, exports have been higher than imports, despite the fact the opposite.

is very timely, A Province in the wake of the financial crisis, proposed a "contrarian overtaking". Over the same period, Guangdong put forward is Teng cage for birds, Shanghai proposed is beyond GDP transformation". And Shanghai Guangzhou no advantage compared to a few A, leverage the confidence came from nowhere.

maintenance slogan naturally requires the power of numbers. In the face of pressure assessment, index by layers of apportion down, small water, eventually converge into the unbearable weight.

until around 2014, the National Audit Office and the National Bureau of statistics. "Financial" magazine reported that the National Audit Office "raid" a core Department of A. People close to the Department said, the national audit office staff uninvited, only stay in the Department for ten minutes, a whirlwind of key data copy. Since then, the statistical bubble began to shrink

. Since then, the relevant figures shrink. I do not know whether the coincidence, the figures reported, almost all can be found in the statistical bulletin of Liaoning.

statistics pain

Liaoning is not isolated cases, which has long been consensus. For the pursuit of the authenticity of the data, from China's "statistical law" has been there since. In the current layers of reporting system, statistical distortion has become a systemic problem. After all, in the heroes of GDP's statistical data is the core interests of local officials.

and even the National Bureau of statistics. At the end of January 2016, the central eighth inspection teams to the National Bureau of statistics of special inspections feedback situation, also bluntly pointed out: some leading cadres to engage in self serving "number", the abuse of power.

experts have to Knight Island cited an example, a few years ago to improve the statistical bureau of statistics data, a reporting system, bypassing the local government, elected to fill their production data of some enterprises. Eventually found that the data is still very poor, to a place on the look to know that the user name, password are in the hands of local enterprises do not need to fill. Until now, whether in Sina or micro-blog,, the country's statistical network direct reporting call center account, is still hard to update, but no reply.

statistical distortion problem, has attracted high-level attention.

last October, the twenty-eighth meeting of the central deep reorganization, adopted the opinions on deepening the reform of statistical management system to improve the authenticity of statistical data. No file access, but the conference report is such a statement: "

meeting pointed out that the prevention and punishment of false statistics, practise fraud, fundamental way in deepening the reform of statistical management system. According to statistics work rules, improve the statistical laws and regulations, perfecting the performance evaluation mechanism, perfecting the statistical management system of unified leadership and graded responsibility, improve the quality of the statistical data of the responsibility system, strengthen supervision and accountability, in accordance with the law to punish practise fraud, statistical agencies and personnel to ensure the independent investigation, independent reports, independent supervisory powers are not violated, to ensure that major statistical data of various types of fraud cases are investigated and dealt with promptly and effectively, ensure the statistical information is true and accurate, complete and timely. "Two months after

, the National Bureau of statistics, Ning Jizhe in the people's daily dispatch, admitted that some local statistical fraud, practise fraud have occurred, in violation of statistical laws and regulations". This frank article, then attracted some foreign media attention. Shortly thereafter he once again stated that in 2017 China will accelerate the construction of modern statistical investigation system.

1 9, Ningji zhe held a meeting on the Central Committee on deepening reform of statistical management system to improve the authenticity of statistical data file the deployment of specific measures and work arrangements. If the introduction of deep restructuring document is the first boot, the specific work Ningji zhe deployment, is second only boots landing, to carry out specific measures.

reports in the seemingly dull meeting behind, in fact, coming stormin. Liaoning in the government work report released out of the water, must not be prompted by a sudden impulse.

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