Korean media: China's intervention in the country has a big style

SA De moral China style

huanqiuwang· 2017-01-19 13:22:50

data figure: Thad

"Global Times" recently "Yonhap Chinese net article thad with Chinese targeting flag" about the Korean media reports, this caused great resentment China users. 18, the "Global Times" reporter found in the search network Chinese Yonhap, since this newspaper 8 days after the report was published, the site updated to "Sade" news pictures did not appear again the five-star red flag.

recently reported that 16 is entitled Han Jun and Lotte on the deployment of the land signed or replaced by the agreement signed the message. The report said that the army is in the fun day Han group replacement land negotiations, but because of concerns about business in China have a negative impact on the negotiations, Lotte showed a negative attitude. The news is a "Sade" system is sending pictures, not at the five-star red flag, but the LOGO English Lotte group.

previously, Yonhap Beijing bureau chief Chen Bingtai told the "Global Times" reporter interview, denied that there is a "five-star red flag with China aim" means. According to the China public resentment, he said it will feedback to the Yonhap news agency headquarters, later will be more careful in the selection. But for Yonhap "when will remove improper pictures? The other party has not given a formal reply.

18 afternoon, "Global Times" reporter found inquires, Yonhap Chinese online search to still contain "Sade" aimed at China flag picture news. Yonhap an unnamed staff told reporters that the agency has been removed with most China flag "Sade" picture, just a delete a lot of trouble, take a long time. "If we find that there is still not yet deleted, we will delete. "The reporter has the relevant article link to Yonhap on.

at present, the "Sade" in China and South Korea caused by the contradiction between fermentation. South Korea, "Central Daily" 18, commented on the article, questioned whether Le Tian had imagined the North Korean nuclear missiles to hesitate to threaten South Korea, how to bear the blame of the people. This paper Chinese criticism of South Korean sovereign interference decision is contrary to moral behavior, especially lose demeanour, claimed that "will Lotte Korean companies such as hostages, trade, diplomacy and security issues in the confused behavior deserves criticism".

, South Korea's Yonhap news agency said, according to industry 18 news, the 43 batch of Korean electronic toilet in the supervision and inspection China Quality Inspection Administration recently implemented by failure detection. Some analysts believe that the South Korean products in a series of China on the black list, on the one hand and Chinese on strengthening the relevant norms, on the other hand, with the South Korean relations because of "Sade" into Korean in cold period are not unrelated, or in the future more products are.

South Korea, the Korean national news 18 Daily said that China did not approve this year's charter flights, restrictions on the implementation of the tourism industry. Korean industry forecast, Chinese tourists this year will be reduced by about 20%.

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