The North Korean missile air to show the new message to Trump

United States signal North Korea ballistic missile

huanqiuwang· 2017-01-19 13:23:16

data figure: North Korean ballistic missile forces

according to Yonhap News reported on January 19th, South Korea and the Korea US defense and a number of senior diplomats said North Korea recently made two new ballistic missile. According to

analysis of South Korea and the United States, the two mobile missile is the North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun in the New Year message said preparing to test the intercontinental ballistic missiles, missile launch has entered a state of readiness to launch time may be earlier than the expected time (Korean military had considered possible in the second half of 2017 or 2018). According to the analysis, the missile uses two rocket design, not more than 15 meters long, shorter than the previous KN-08 (19-20 m) and its improved (17-18 m). According to South Korean officials explained that North Korea at this time showed a missile intended to predict the test, the new U.S. government came to power on 20, the release of strategic signals.

the specific time of the missile was found around January 9th. CNN in the United States in January 12 reported that the U.S. Defense Department official said on the 11, the U.S. Navy near a sea based X band radar is the Korean Peninsula mobile, to monitor trends in the DPRK military, especially the possible missile launch activities. The unnamed official said, the 9 day mobile radar, will arrive at the destination at the end of January.

X - band radar shape and oil drilling platform is similar, as a core component of the middle fire control radar, can be deployed to the coast, the U.S. anti missile system is the key part of an important part of the middle ground defense system. The radar in front of the deployment of key areas to carry out accurate monitoring, is mainly responsible for screening the enemy missile warheads and jamming equipment, and accurately track the real warhead flight path. The United States has deployed several times to North Korea to deploy such radar.

South Korean experts believe that the missile using the North Korea in April 9th last year exposure test scene of the new intercontinental ballistic missile high-power engine. Jin Dongye, professor at the Institute of Far East Korean National University of South Korea that is likely to be above 3 to 4 sets of liquid fuel engine is bound as the missile is a booster, and that will only ignite a stage of North Korean launch, flight distance will not reach the lower limit of 5500 km range ballistic missiles, but still claimed the test success.

2012 North Korean military parade, the first appearance of the use of large liquid rocket engine KN-08 (-13) road mobile intercontinental missile. In 2015, there was a "-13" missile in the North Korean military parade, and the biggest change was the use of a more rounded warhead. Experts believe that, from the analysis of the length of the launch vehicle, the missile has a range of at least more than 8000 kilometers, can deliver nuclear warheads.

2016 in March, North Korea announced leader Kim Jeong-eun visited the missile plant photos, said Kim Jeong-eun met with nuclear weapons experts, North Korea has achieved nuclear warhead miniaturization, standardization and seriation, easy to carry missiles. He also said that North Korea will develop measures to continuously update the actual combat nuclear attack means. South Korean Defense Ministry said that North Korea has not mastered the nuclear warhead miniaturization technology.

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