Rain wedding scene exposure less than ten thousand

Kim Tae Hee wedding honeymoon won

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-19 14:25:37

Rain "with the Korean king South Korea's first beauty Quinteshi today held a private wedding, the wedding began at noon, South Korea network has gone out of a wedding scene photo.

less than a point, there have been a lot of guests arrived in Seoul Road District, the church will be a hole in the future.

" two people in everything from simple wedding because Kim taehee is devout Catholic believers, so the two wedding will be Catholic, Korean media that two people not to shoot the wedding, marriage would not plan to honeymoon, just hope everything simple to complete the wedding.

" although low-key wedding, but it is understood that the church wedding costs only 1 million 300 thousand won (about 7500 yuan). The church can accommodate more than more than 100 guests, simple and solemn arrangement.

field layout is simple, the site is mainly white, there are arrangements for food and drinks entertain relatives and friends.

church door early in the media waiting in.

Korean national uncle An Shengji in the godfather as the identity of the person in charge of the.

JYP boss Pu Zhenrong came to Rain's wedding in.

Pu Zhenrong is a former boss of Rain, was holding a red Rain.

GOD member Pu Junheng arrives at the scene in =''>

network Rain holding roses, photos of the suspected.

live media.

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