Mao Xiaotong used to look like this? The impact is too great.

Net friend magazine cover impact image

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-19 14:26:01

Mao Xiaotong early for a magazine to shoot the cover shape exposure, did not think that she was the kind of time, the impact is simply too large, and sometimes can not digest, compared to the present in the end there is no full capacity? After seeing the photos netizens said the eyes have been blind.

" in the end whether Mao Xiaotong cosmetic everything is unknown, but this gap seems to be a bit too large, then look at her photos are two extreme. The first two days of the sun drying a variety of cute cute. Shooting to the Journal

cover is two different picture, whimsical and sexy, they have no sense of violation conversion.

" in the "beautiful" inside the heart Weiyang Li Changru interpretation of the beauty of the role, but why is the appearance?

in the end whether Mao Xiaotong had the whole capacity? Some people say that at that time she was fat and now thin down; some say it is like a whole, in fact, what is it?

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