Jay Chou said the song to listen to their children wish baby good fetal education

Jay Chou Eric Tsang fetal education singing

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" Alan Tam joked with Jay Chou the other group Hacken Lun "

"exposure to avoid Kunling, surrounded by friends to build up a wall to avoid Kun Ling Baoguang, friends to build up a wall surrounded by

Kunling (Chart) and her mother Ye Huimei while secretly after admission to the

Jay Chou

interviewed Beijing on January 19th news in the background, according to Hongkong media reports, yesterday (January 18th) to celebrate the 38 birthday Jay Chou (Jay), nine Coliseum concert last night (January 17th) ended. Wakefield is Jay Chou married two anniversary, wife Kunling finally appeared in the audience, but the friends built a wall protection, free media photography, performance Lueqian generous. Referring to the two anniversary of marriage, Jay said it would be for the selection of Kun Ling necklace, as a special guest Alan Tam asked why Jay Chou chose to sing "love in life"? The latter yielded the song to the fans, by the way to the wife and mother.

Jay Chou last night (January 17th) completed the last 2017 "Jay Chou surface strongest World Tour - Hongkong" show, in the past eight games his wife Kunling have no public appearance last night (January 17th) is just the two anniversary, Kunling finally in the audience after turn off the lights, wearing masks low-key approach, with his mother front and rear legs and arrived in good. Reporters came to take pictures, and security staff immediately drink and block the shot, the friend also built a wall to stop shooting, make Kunling a large period of time can not see the husband show, very funny.

the past eight games, Jay Chou has a cover of the Guangdong song "love" in his life, Wakefield invited singer Alan Tam as a special guest, Alan Tam smiled and asked: "why would you choose to sing" love "in your life? Whether you like it or not? "Jay Chou said the whole family love, and love life is fans, Alan Tam smell speech immediately reminded Jay Chou of careful jealous wife, Jay Chou added:" I haven't finished, in addition to fans, as well as wife and mother. "

Eric Tsang" banter "chrysanthemum raised

Alan Tam joked that his friend Eric Tsang the night before in the audience sang" chrysanthemum Taiwan ", know each other will lose for one to do a special guest:" Eric Tsang is the chrysanthemum, because he often drunk was carried (Taiwan). "The two person" and "half awaken chorus," Hacken Lun "name again to sing the song" a thousand miles away ".

Alan Tam continued to put laughs: "I heard you sing, that is in a foreign language, or Russian like, because I don't know, in addition to this song, because I heard you sing the version not. "Jay Chou knows that Alan Tam is just a joke, but for him to become the highest record of 38 games in the Coliseum for the holder, said his great respect, but it is unlikely to challenge.

said in Hongkong to buy a wedding ring

finale jukebox link, the first point of the birthday song for Jay fans, although wuyinbuquan, but he zhaodanquanshou: "thank you to my Happy birthday, in fact I rarely when he was going to a birthday concert, quite happy, you are ready for my light card, write my 18 birthday every year, good. Jay Chou is also generous to send a few points to sing the song to the fans, the final concert at 11:20.

after the match, Jay Chou interviewed by the media in the background, the media Happy birthday wish him, he smiled and said: "yes, 18 year old birthday, my wish is to buy a picture in the room, to reward yourself at the age of 38. Because recently more like painting, no longer buy a sports car, so that the mother will be relatively easy to promise. (don't get married?) Most people would put the wedding, I don't like others, will reconsider family portrait.

mentioned the wedding anniversary, Jay Chou said as they prepare for the concert, no time to buy gifts for Kunling, going to pick the necklace to her, also said: "when I ring, but also in the Hongkong concert, secretly to buy the middle of the rest of the day, no one knows, buy a gift to be secret, but married wife often follow me, it is difficult to give her a surprise. What did she give you? I don't know, because I haven't been back to the hotel. "Asked to be sent to the baby? He laughed without a word.

back to the hotel

for training Guangdong celebrated the birthday song "love" in his life, Jay Chou said that the only musician classic songs, he did not think too much, but he did not expect the media interpreted as to Kunling confession, so as to make decision, Mrs. song, he said that for Kunling surrounded by a wall. "Don't know, she is not in the audience? (surrounded by friends) Coliseum balcony? It doesn't matter, next time. "When

mentioned that his friends and fans Angelababy enjoyed their first game, they gave birth to a baby boy in the morning," Jay Chou said Congratulations, Capricornians quirky, but very artistic, she is listening to my songs when she was pregnant, on the day of admission, is very good. My wife is pregnant fetal education, when I heard a lot of music. "After the interview, he asked

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