Who is the most beautiful hotel corridor? Finally, a domineering

Actress hotel corridor Zhao Liying

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-19 14:30:12

female star in the red carpet before, must first take a photo in the hotel corridor, among the many actress who took the most beautiful corridor?

baby" hotel corridor as super beautiful, large skirt countless stars, like the Milky Way, plus the sexy deep V back, it is perfect.

goddess Fan Bingbing Hua Xianzi dress, said she was not to be too elf!

< /p> girl Ni Ni eyes blurred, with deep V back gift, really good one eye

" clothing products linked to the Golden Horse winner Dongyu Zhou

" Petite lovely Zhao Liying "img_box"


" Tang Yan this corridor light played a foot

" Li Yuchun show "black swan" dress, in the hotel stairs domineering, only Chris HOLD can live!

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