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yangshi· 2017-01-19 14:36:18

16, by the first batch of Chinese banknote printing and Minting company production of the Nepal 1000 rupee notes from Jiangxi, Nanchang successfully shipped, this is a new starting point China mint to actively participate in the international business of printing technology.

Chinese HKNPL for the first time the whole industry chain of domestic output of

2016 in August, Chinese banknote printing and Minting Corporation won with Britain, France and other international well-known enterprises in the fierce competition, won the 200 million Nepal 1000 rupees banknotes printed in order, the delivery is this order in the first batch of products, orders from bidding to the first batch of products shipped, after only 5 months.

is the largest denomination of 1000 rupees to Nepal Nepal issued by the central bank bills, occupies a very important position in the financial circulation in Nepal, the bills anti-counterfeiting technology and face design, is a very high demand. The general manager of

Nanchang Banknote Printing Co., Li Zheng introduced in the printing process of 1000 rupees, integrated version, ink, paper, line, printing technology used in all domestic, not only is the validation of our technology, but also a test of our comprehensive strength the. The quality of the completion of the first batch of delivery on time, the first step is China Banknote Printing and Minting to the international standard.

Nepal 1000 rupees order, after the order of 100 rupees, Chinese banknote printing and Minting company again through the international competition from international banknote printing business. In the last part of Nepal 100 rupees in the production of material is used by the way of international cooperation, but this time the 1000 rupees printed, implemented from raw materials, technology, printing equipment, whole industry chain in china.

printing workshop Quest: the whole process of using domestic

standard in Nanchang printing company workshop, every part of Nepal bill production are completed and the RMB in the same workshop, from the printing plate, printing ink, paper and printing technology, safety line, all made use of materials and standards.

Nepal banknotes and our currency notes are very different, the main difference in the crown word and number. Crown word number is like the identity of each banknote, in order to ensure the uniqueness of the number, check the number of this link is very important. But Nepal's numbers and Arabia numbers are huge, making it difficult to identify.

in order to ensure the production workers can quickly and accurately identify the crown word number, a set of formulas by the workers. "0 unchanged, 1 like 9, finishing 23 down, 48, 7 5Y healing, like preserved egg 8 like hook, 69 - 3, 9. "

to 1000 rupees to Nepal printed printing technology in China to enter the international market brand, China banknote printing and Minting Corporation to overcome many difficulties in the printing process and printing technology. For example, the governor of the Central Bank of Nepal's signature is very thin, we are printed with convex. From the plate to the equipment deployment, and then ink formulations have taken a lot of ways, and finally reached the requirements of nepal.

" in Nepal on the eve of delivery of 1000 rupees, Chinese banknote printing and Minting company has received to the central bank's 260 million piece of Nepal 5 rupees banknotes pre bid notice, this once again demonstrated the core competitiveness of Chinese mint, to lay a good foundation for international Chinese banknote printing and Minting technology.

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