Because hairstyle similar, the new species of moths named by scientists, Trump"!

Trump new species scientist hairstyle

cankaoxiaoxiwang· 2017-01-19 18:44:37

" was named "Trump" of the new species of moth (UPI)

news network reported on January 19th U.S. media said, scientists named a newly discovered moth to Trump.

according to the UPI reported on January 17th, researchers will have to name this moth was elected president of the United States the name, because the scales have a series of white adults of this moth on the head, looks like Trump's hair.

's latest issue of the biological key magazine gave a formal introduction to the moth.

Trump moth and its close relatives are visible in southern California, Mexico and California. The

researchers hope that the fashionable name will draw attention to the fact that even in the United States has been careful investigation of the habitat, can still find new species.

evolutionary biologist Rick · watts; Nazari said at a news conference: "carefully in the densely populated and animal studies in southern California found this unique small moths, highlights the importance of protecting fragile habitats, which still exist undescribed and endangered species. "

Nazari discovered the moth in a collection of moths at the University of California's insect museum in Berkeley.

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