Kaige Chen family first fit son hit face Wu Yifan

Kaige Chen three youngest son fit

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-19 21:09:20

yesterday, Kaige Chen, and his wife, Chen Hong, with his little son, appeared on a live recording of a show in the presence of the mother of. As the entertainment model couple low-key, Kaige Chen Chen Hongxian rarely seen in front of the public, the epoch-making recording reality show, with a handsome little boy uniform appearance, photo exposure instantly caused onlookers. To see such a high value of the yen for a family of three, users can not help but refer to the family of the yen value almost burst table "and" that is next to Wu Yifan? "

had small son Chen Feiyu photo exposure on a stunning wave, long legs color value is high, three-dimensional facial features fully inherited good genes, mother, side face is more like Wu Yifan, so cute face also only 16 years old he will gain a lot of fans fans sister brother.

" while recording the reality show exposure, Chen Hong's style remains the same, Xiaoniaoyiren leaned on the husband side, spoiled son looked, a happy face. A family of three or snuggle together, or go hand in hand, the picture is very warm. Kaige Chen three family for the first time to record reality show, presumably will bring a different surprise.

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