Sun Li broker married Deng Chao and his wife

Sun Li get married Deng Chao broker

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-19 21:09:26

Sun Li agent Deng Chao married

Sohu entertainment news on January 18th, Sun Li Deng Chao's agent Guo Si held today at the wedding Chinese Hotel, marry before the network is the fire star bodyguard Liu Zhongwei, Deng Chao Sun Li offered his congratulations. Subsequently, a netizen exposure of a wedding video, Deng Chao in the video for the bride to wear a ring for the bride took out the phone and the self timer of the Sun Li. Super brother incredibly narcissistic ah.

Deng Chao and Sun Li

self netizen wrote: "today friends wedding, stage handsome groom began under the guidance of the host for the beauty of the bride wearing a ring, the presence of family and friends have pulled out a mobile phone, a record of a historic moment. I also took out a mobile phone to start recording at that moment I saw sitting in front of the table - brother also took out his mobile phone, I thought, super brother good warm ah, to the couple recorded this wonderful moment of … … … however, &hellip had never thought; … … ultra brother inversion the camera of … … kakaka … … … &hellip self up;

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