Spring Festival disease early prevention, let the children healthy and happy new year!

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senbayuer· 2017-01-19 22:27:42

" festive Spring Festival is approaching, in the joy of harvest at the same time, the children may also be because of changes of living environment, habits and physical discomfort, many mothers are when the child fell ill suddenly found the best parents in advance to prevent, and Bao Baojian healthy, happy new year!

1. long distance running

a lot of parents with baby back home, from south to north, from coastal areas to inland, whether it is a car, train or plane, is not a rush, little more than half a day, dozens of hours, the adults will feel tired, especially weak resistance baby, are more likely to get sick in such circumstances.

" during the Spring Festival, people very much, the first is Caution!, good care of their children. Secondly, on and off the timely change of clothing, to prevent a cold. The baby must be ready to items: vacuum cups, bottles, diapers, wet wipes, baby conventional drugs etc..

2. climate change

from south to north, from east to West New Year Baby, it will go from warm and humid to cold dry climate change, such as sudden changes, the child may find it difficult to adapt to the body feel uncomfortable. It's time to pay attention to help children do insulation work, drink plenty of water, wipe the baby cream to prevent chapped skin, if necessary, can also use a humidifier in the room.

did not return home for the new year's baby, but also pay attention to the local temperature changes during the spring festival. Before and after the Spring Festival is a disease prone season, the baby care should be more careful. According to early and late temperature adjustment clothes, warm and not interfere with the baby activities. Child activity it is easy to sweat, if the clothes wear much more sweating and cold.


changes in diet during the holiday season to move frequently, busy adults may ignore the baby diet arrangement and care, resulting in the child's stomach discomfort. Moreover, during the Chinese New Year is more than food, coupled with the delicacy without restraint, eat too much too complex, it is prone to bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea.

" during the Spring Festival, parents should pay attention to food hygiene, ensure food fresh, reasonable diet, don't let the baby eat too much, not too eat. Just to add baby food supplement can not easily add new food, so as not to cause allergies or other discomfort; but not in a table, to feed your baby to eat vegetables, soup and other adults; when eating out, take care of the baby's taste, in a strange environment, try to give the baby to eat familiar food. You can also list some cooked dishes. During the

4. irregular

Spring Festival, life of the parents is not normal, and some even get up late, or because Zouqinfangyou, travel, disrupted the baby's pace of life, the baby couldn't sleep when sleepy, wait for a relatively quiet environment after the baby to sleep time, it is difficult to comfort sleep.

" parents arranged in advance of the Spring Festival holiday because of life, try not to upset the baby's normal schedule. If the baby during the Spring Festival late, daily life has been disrupted, can try a little bit ahead of your baby's sleeping time, the re establishment of sleep patterns. Intensive gathering of

5. during the Spring Festival not free door-to-door, pay New Year's call one by one party, frequent access to public places. First of all, the baby does not adapt to the unfamiliar environment and strange people, easy to produce psychological pressure, the emergence of irritable mood. Secondly, the frequent movement of personnel, the flu virus will spread and run to and fro as people. If the weather changes again, the flu is likely to increase.

baby with poor immunity, easy infection, timely treatment would lead to bronchitis, pneumonia, crowded people sick baby is best not to. Once the occurrence of influenza pandemic should reduce outdoor activities, visiting friends and relatives, as little as possible to go to the public places. The Spring Festival holiday

6. accident

, every family with nuts, the incidence of children with tracheal foreign body, foreign body, walnut, peanut, pistachio seeds and nuts. Usually parents give children bronchial foreign body feeding peanuts, melon seeds, children crying, or playing children running and jumping in to eat nuts, trachea is very urgent, must be immediately sent to hospital or treatment in time.

in addition, during the Spring Festival, the danger is often when children set off firecrackers, fried
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