Over 1 million Supercell player forum account was hacked, the game account is not affected

Hacker account player

youxiputao· 2017-01-19 22:34:54

game grape January 19th news, the Royal war developer Supercell broke the news today, a large number of accounts of its player community forum was hacked. Third party sources said that more than 1 million accounts have been implicated.

Supercell said in an official statement, the hacking incident occurred in September 2016

: "we are investigating a report, report said there are loopholes allow third party hackers, and access to the forum user information, including email addresses and encrypted passwords. It happened in September 2016, but we quickly fixed the vulnerability. Note that this will only affect our forum service, game account ("tribal conflict" and "cartoon farm" royal family "war" and "Jones island") is not affected. "

addition, Supercell requires users to be affected as soon as possible to change the password.

[article source: VentureBeat, game grape compilation finishing]

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