Amazing end of the year award! Today, the bank is deep fried!

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yangshicaijing· 2017-01-20 02:20:05

once, the bank is a good place not only into the high income and good benefits, respectable, Hanlaobaoshou, even a "million test for a job recruitment event.

once, the bank issued a year-end bonus is also enviable envy.

" last night however, brush the year-end bonus from the banking industry burst circle of friends, the golden rice bowl has been completely smashed!

has a bank employee year-end bonus of only 1.5 yuan! By the end of, Ping An Bank Chairman Xie Yonglin has promised, Ping An Bank year-end bonus will be issued in early January 2017. January 10th, Ping An Bank as the year-end bonus payment, but the amount has led to some internal staff tucao. Ping An Bank branch staff said that the end of the year award is only 1.5 yuan, a number of employees year-end bonus is also a single digit.

"at the end of 2016 sprint just finished, start index again, more and more difficult"; part of a year-end bonus will advance, pushed to the left again "in the middle of 2017;" our performance has been suspended for 5 months, and no longer as a replacement, year-end bonus, we no longer expect a lot of my colleagues have left. "Colleagues" year-end bonus with only 5.62 yuan, and 1.5 yuan for "… … sentence! Banks are not vulnerable groups, these employees are vulnerable groups.

Ping An Bank official said, year-end bonus between individual differences, have a great relationship with the Department, branch, if the branch loss, employees may have less or no year-end bonus, year-end bonus number is possible. "

"according to Ping An Bank salary system, year-end bonus will in monthly wages in advance payment of a part, to the end of the year the Department of human will a coefficient is determined according to the assessment and the branch benefits, bonus coefficient everyone the same, if the coefficient is very low, minus the year-end bonus every month in advance payment, the final payment of year-end bonus is rarely.

net profit growth in the banking sector fell

in the current environment, the banking sector in the banking staff increasingly sad day. Not just Ping An Bank, in 2016 the number of bank employees have declined. Southwest of a rural commercial grassroots staff said that in 2015 to get the final award of the year ten thousand, and in 2016 has been determined to cancel the year-end awards. In fact, in 2013,

has become the bank's net profit growth inflection point. The first three quarters of 2016, ICBC, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China net profit growth were: 0.46%, 2.48%, and 0.52%. 2015, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank net profit growth was 0.52%, 0.70%, 1.25% and 0.28%. 2014, net profit growth of the aforementioned four lines were 5.07%, 8%, 8.22% and 6.1%. In 2013, the four lines of net profit growth was more than 10%, respectively, 10.17%, 14.52%, and 11.12%.

" the idea that the interest rate market speed and the deposit interest rate liberalization, bank net interest margins continue to decline, the real economy cyclical downturn, rising bad debt rate caused by bank asset quality pressure. At the same time, the rapid rise of Internet banking and carve up some retail and financial services, banking earnings growth is facing difficulties, high growth does not exist, commercial banks into the era of meager profit. In the future, commercial banks need to establish their core competitive advantage through business transformation.

four banks have announced the truth

2016 over, how the performance of China banking, currently 4 small banks have announced the annual truth: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

: net profit growth of only 4.93%, the lowest in fifteen years. Surprisingly, the fourth quarter profit dropped to 1 billion, which is hitherto unknown.

CITIC Bank: even worse, net profit growth of only 1.14%! Coincidentally, the negative growth in the fourth quarter, down 1 billion 149 million. NPL ratio rose 26 basis points to 1.69%.

small and medium-sized banks in two leading net profit growth fell more in the fourth quarter of negative growth in the three quarter, the great Shift of the universe, the last quarter certainly not pocket.

but slightly smaller bank of Ningbo, Bank of Shanghai, still showing rapid growth, respectively, 19.35%, 10.08%. It also benefited from the positive transformation of leaders.

these have been more than 20% of the majority of small and medium banks fell back to a single digit, or even exposure to a number of year-end awards.

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