Liyan Tong talk derailed door: I will be better and better

Liyan Tong better more and more Chen Sicheng

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-20 06:00:41

1 9 months, Chen Sicheng was late at night and the two woman in a room, and the night is not out of the hotel, then Chen Sicheng derailment continuous fermentation, news, cause netizen attention quickly. In January 16th, Liyan Tong released a circle of friends, only a simple sentence: "again, ya ya gas. "The night of January 19th, in the" real man "last aired an hour ago, Liyan Tong appeared Hunan TV media group to give you big bonuses, Liyan Tong more relaxed mood:" please send positive energy thing ", I don't pay attention to Kazakhstan and with a" laughing "expression. In the face of the expression of concern for their own, Liyan Tong once again responded: I know you all love me, thank you, I will be better and better. "

is currently filming in Hengdian, Liyan Tong, the side also with his son duo, during the interview, Liyan Tong also unexpectedly released his son's adorable voice. In the voice, Liyan Tong called "mother, mother," Liyan Tong answered, "mua".

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