Liu Ye exposed a gentle girl love Ni Na Yan photo of high value

Liu Ye photograph girl daughter-in-law

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-20 06:00:46

1" on Sept. 19, Liu Ye night micro interview chat with netizens, many netizens asked a Nobel and Ni Na situation, Liu Ye also drying out the photo Ni Na, Yan value high eye beauty, is like our shadow. The following is part of the user questions:

users: Connaught?

Liu Ye: promise one in brushing.

users: Connaught a long?

Liu Ye: as soon as she grew up, there was one of the most attractive features of the girl and the most unreliable.

users: Ni Na in?

Liu Ye: Ni Na today yogurt drink yourself Ningba ha ha ha.

net friend: what is the standard of the future daughter-in-law?

Liu Ye: a gentle girl.

: when did you graduate third?

Liu Ye: look at the situation.

users: a what time can change the hair before? Ha ha ha ha ha ha although his hair is also very good-looking.

Liu Ye: he's too good to steal my thunder.

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