Tang Yan and Luo Jin talk about the most romantic thing: slowly grow old together

Tang Yan romance Spring Festival Gala the couple

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-20 06:01:11

" according to Taiwan media reports, Tang Yan in the 33 birthday of Luo Jin generous love, let the fans all blessing, the couple narcissism openly, more love more generous, in the days before the spring festival activities, more with the chorus of "the most romantic thing".

Tang Yan and Luo Jin after love, together to attend the event will always hold hands, in the face of a reporter's question, but also to express their love for each other. In 2017 Beijing TV show, "fit" the most romantic thing ", in an interview the woman asked what is the most romantic thing, sweet smile replied:" is slowly getting old together. "

also, Tang Yan and Luo Jin not only discloses the sun loving, more strongly praised each other's singing," he sings very well, he is very professional, "the plan for the Spring Festival, two people will spend at work. According to field staff broke the news, regardless of the interview before or at the end, they are tightly holding each other's hands, quite sweet.

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