Dirty talking? Maybe we should re look at the "2 of the bullets."

Round bamboo hand law sage

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has tasted the sage called ion in the dirt, dirt road, no one can out to the right. < p > a day, see dirty ion on the road, village head to matter and asked: My I have Mr. soiling monstrous, this clever Book dubbed the "bullet Girl 2", donated bored the pollution and abandon the. However, when I read a few of its pollution, where is it?

is bullshit. Everyone should not play the same game. Can I take it as a little butter to play, can also be purely sudden chug. The unexpected little butter link is not enough strength, can be used to identify the sewage.

or give you a look?

these game screenshot < strong > LED < / strong >, in order to ensure the quality, I < strong > specially without any special effects < / strong >, do not know what feelings you have seen after? < p > [page]

due to prior seen people play some may use the touch screen of the game, I in to see people painting first reaction was up twice in the stamp, and such a situation:

] have itching

] sucka < < p class = "img box" id = "ID Id_imagebox_6 6 style =" "='>

" on the soft.

] said no!

] I to tell the headmaster!

ah, or Kansai cavity, nothing to do for a long time to play. But this game is not like millions of pit father that load time is very long, at this time the sense of the touch screen is not very big sense, but in the story of the time no matter what the two little poke fun.

of course, the can poke the is not just above, as well as below .

] don't lift skirt!

] directly see skirts without pressure < mentioned above these functions, is part of a well deserved, and the game. However, as the title of the same, these are " games ", do not forget that this is a TPS (third person shooter).

or with some of the elements of the wrestling.


started the game benefits too much, and the task is easily passed that I error estimate the difficulty of the game, in the encounter is not very good at "infiltrated" the link, and didn't care to choose to the Minesweeper. < p > the so-called ant killed like, even if the choice of easy difficulty, and put on the six skills holes DLC premiere underwear with, in case of being discovered by the enemy also was able to escape weiou fate of death. < p > if is the kind of outdoors can map of parkour is still relatively good, generally, the task is damage to a certain things, go directly to crazy shooting or use of intraoperative body. If in a closed map was found would probably block the road, you have to take the enemy killed, and blaze a new trail.

] like this, if you don't know the solution will definitely die in the pit, managed to war over a pile of mixed weapon, back waiting for you before the boss and his sister < play too well, I haven't seen the one's own role in the entire explosive vests is what urinary.

] and now I know...

in addition, there are a number of small games can only sneak into the game, was found on the enemy does not work.

when worked out a level of correct method after, I found that these levels actually designed to be pretty, error occurs in any one place will lead to be found. Right now, do you think it's just a little butter?

to ensure the life of a game, then the elements of the collection is essential. I heard there is a popular game called "fleet collection", each player are in crazily collecting ship even determined to become a "vessel x spree". Also

] the only long such < collecting elements is very important?

yes! If you're in the game through the simple pursuit of headshots then you must be Collection, incomplete. As a true gentleman, how can such a collection of hand? It is worth mentioning that, in this work, the "bra" and "fat" each have more than 120 kinds, combination of more than 14 thousand and 400 kinds. Collect too little, completely unable to match.


said: those who see her ion pollution polluter see prostitution, dirt, heart is the truth. < p > the game actually has a lot of delicious food, but sometimes we are too concerned about the appearance of the food, but found no producer of meaning.

] say round bamboo < p > we have reason to believe that he is a particular about food grade, daily on a variety of food, eat the right (WAN) method. For example in the pot can often see the round bamboo, if every day you use the skill of "bite" to eat, in fact, very not to force the grid, like game girls like to eat is correct!

"on the too elegant

] should eat so much bamboo < round just scoop up is soup soak transparent, if one mouthful bite down unavoidably too much waste, should to contain in the mouth thin taste the soup taste is.

bamboo round this level of food have been so seriously, so the eel is even more be nothing difficult. Perhaps now in the eyes of many people, eel should is so eat:

] the eel Mody delicious? < p > producer with action tells us: is how too young and too simple, sometimes Na her ve!

right to eat the? Please look at the game in the sister who:

] is not lost, evaporation, question and answer although nonsense zero waste < [page]

start, but actually did so. Compared to the game in the development version, now such a variety of play simply is a pediatrician.

in the developer interview, Takahashi Ryu said:

many including the part was abandoned, a single take out to see not aggressive. However, due to the combination of a variety of types, the development team can not grasp the full expression, can not guarantee that some elements of the combination will produce a strange effect.

"if separate may be such a

" combination results have a magical effect


plans to do in fact is a very correct decision, if you do not take these things out, can not take a shot, you say it (" ").

because the ratings reached CERO-D. Some parts have 17x suspected. < strong > I in the above are mosaic, and the rest of the self brain supplement < / strong >.

so this game in the end is not dirty? I don't think it's very dirty. When you in some tasks was surrounded, the enemy is, tank warship artillery to blast you turn, your focus should be on the part of TPS the. Perhaps, this is what the producers want to express? Little game of what, just a gift.

"the game is stunt. With the

addition, because I made a" bullet "of the 2 girls Buy not buy, some people suspect that I was infected, in fact, otherwise. If you can use a word to sum up my behavior, that is when one ".

] of course, these are not the focus, the focus is: Congratulations you into the pit,
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