Andy Lau medical expenses over 4 million 400 thousand want to go home for the new year

Andy Lau Carol Zhu medical expenses spine

beiqingwangyule· 2017-01-20 11:10:39

Andy Lau hospital

according to Hongkong East network reported, Andy Lau 17 this month in Thailand commercials, from the horse fell onto the ground, the complex was trampled by horses waist, spine, pelvis tear damage. Yesterday morning he took the medical plane back to Hongkong, he was anxious and child hospital. Early in the morning to see Andy Lau lying on a stretcher, sanity, but the forehead injury during saw his right eye tears, is likely to feel pain, and that hurt the family and friends and the fans are very worried about him, couldn't help but cry. The Andy Lau injured admitted to hospital, a conservative estimate of up to 5 million yuan (HK $, or about $4 million 420 thousand).

for an early discharge

it is known that Andy Lau stay in the maintenance and high-rise suites, after a detailed physical examination, according to X light and scanning, the situation is stable, no surgery, but still need to stay in hospital observation. To estimate Andy Lau quite a long time to rest, so that the pelvis and spine wound healing, the fastest to be fully recovered from six to September. The lunar new year, the traditional new year Andy Lau is love, do not want to in the hospital last year, do not want more of Mrs. Carol Zhu and her daughter to the hospital to visit the frequent, there are a large number of media waiting inconvenient and so Andy Lau, consult a doctor if the injury will not affect, will strive for an early to go home to rest, convenient family take care of.

in addition, the ordinary people of Hongkong accident in overseas, the wounded need medical plane to Hong Kong, according to the data about spending over $million. In addition to the plane, if the injured degree of injury is not too serious, the possibility of taking a civil aircraft, along with the cost of accompanying doctors and nurses, about 200 thousand Hong Kong dollars (about $170 thousand).

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