A species of head like Trump was named "Trump moth"

North America Trump species head

huanqiuwang· 2017-01-20 11:11:22

" [global network reported] according to the British Reuters reported on January 20th, perched on a head North American yellow white feather moth is the latest named "Trump moth", the reason is that this moth head feather shape, very like the logo of Barack Trump of hair. According to

reports, evolutionary biologist Rick &bull watts; Nazari in an article in the journal Science published the "biological key" is given in this new name. This species habitat across between southern California and Mexico's California peninsula. He said in the article, "the choice of the name is due to the moth's head feathers are very like Mr. Trump's hairstyle".

said: "the name is chosen to attract more public attention and protect the fragile habitat of the United States, where there are many new species have not been named. "Trump is not the first president to be named for an animal,"

reported. Last December, a fish native to northwestern Hawaii was named "Obama fish", to commemorate Obama the fish habitat protection efforts. (internship compilation: Yang core reviewer: Tan Liya

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