The children didn't selling masks anti haze, evaluated after the 9 paragraph we found.

Masks children welt score

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The children didn't

selling masks anti haze, evaluated after the 9 paragraph we found...

blueberry evaluation is evaluation agencies independent, testing products and services to all anonymous purchase, or the third party does not accept the brand sponsorship, in order to ensure the testing process neutral, objective fair. All tests and reports are blueberries original evaluation, unauthorized, please do not reprint. We have found that the evaluation of the article was shameless plagiarism, and hereby warned. If this happens again, we will take further legal action.

not long ago, heavy haze hit the city, "the fall of North china". We evaluated the anti haze masks 9 popular models, select comfort, fit and filtering capabilities are very good masks -- kasamatsu DD11V. However, the child does not have a heavy mask, although the children over the age of 6 can also be a good fit, but for children under the age of 6, this mask is obviously not applicable.

haze will tomorrow (December 30th) again harassing capital

exposed in the haze, adults are deeply uncomfortable, not to mention the child. Children's nasal cavity is shorter, the respiratory tract is narrower, the immune system and respiratory system has not yet matured, the resistance is also relatively low, in this battle with the haze, this is at a disadvantage. Haze environment in a long time, not only may cause respiratory diseases, severe and may even lead to pneumonia, lung function damage, etc.. haze forecast shows severe pollution will again harassing North start tomorrow, in order not to let the "flowers of the motherland" become the "motherland green", to begin the evaluation of children at top speed blueberry mask.

the evaluation, we chose the popular 9 children's masks on the market, from left to right from top to bottom: three yuan 4D, Xing KIDS, fresh research (AirWalker), Walker (VOGMASK), Swiss general vibration (Respimask) S, EPC S, Li Kang HF-G5, green shield (XS), 3M 8110S.

- strong> < of the crown army -

this evaluation, we still from the comfort, fit, filtering ability of children masks were considered. mask similar to the adult, filtering ability is still the core of the inspection indicators, and the tight fit is the premise of defense haze. It is worth mentioning that the child's respiratory rate faster than adults, if the mask is airtight, easy to cause the baby's breathing is not smooth, so the comfort of breathing is also an important consideration.

after consideration, fresh Walker (AirWalker) to filter ability, efficient excellent fit, comfort, and eventually was named the best blueberry winter children anti haze masks.

id_imagebox_2 children masks the overall score of the various dimensions are as follows, the score out of 10 points for the score of class=.

- < strong> evaluation -


" for adults, a mask is not too comfortable, can also wear but it is not the case for children. Breathing is not smooth, wear cumbersome, Le ears, etc., a little discomfort is very easy to cause the child's resentment, respiratory discomfort is a more serious problem. evaluation of the fear that a model child can not be competent for the work of multiple masks, but also to ensure the fairness of the horizontal evaluation fair, so we find a pair of cute! Cell! Tire!

" on the way of wearing a headset, a more simple and convenient, and head wear cumbersome, parents need to help in the next. At this point, 3M experience is not very friendly to , in addition to the complex process of the socket, two industrial tape directly with the baby's delicate skin contact, is not really a "gentle" mask. EPC mask on the way to wear more consideration, if the offensive wear, according to the icon on the package and cut the tape to open the buckle, easy to wear.

EPC mask two wearing that

is breathing valve, has an important influence on the smooth degree of breathing. Especially for children under the age of 6, if the breath is not smooth, but can not accurately express their discomfort, once you do not pay attention, there may be a risk of suffocation.

in the fitting process, volunteers wearing type 3M masks showed strong emotions, and feedback on the three dimension is "bored".

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