I can get the money in five? Alipay official reply

Alipay Tmall official five.

leifengwang· 2017-01-20 22:43:42

said, before Lei Feng mentioned that Alipay can collect five spell luck to get the red envelopes, the total amount of 200 million + 30 million cash coupons, may be the low 1-2 and high block, may reach 666.

really can be divided into cash red? Hard for change, Mrs. Fuqua, but received much chance vouchers are?

" official Alipay micro-blog issued a micro-blog on the evening of January 19th:

today, a lot of tabby message to me, asked some red envelopes and FocA problems, I chose the most concerned about it, for you to know.

the following specific questions and response:

1, I heard someone in Wufu, finally get the cash, but Tmall vouchers?

: a new year's eve before 22 collect Wufu users, in the evening 22:18 will receive a cash bonus (is to let everyone Lehe really don't have much money). In addition, some users will get a Tmall supermarket card without threshold, which is an extra surprise, does not mean that this part of the user does not have a cash red.

2 heard, even without the assembly of Wufu, Alipay would also give me up, it is not able to receive a red envelope?

answer: only before the new year's Eve 22 collection of Wufu users, 22:18 in the evening to receive a red envelope of cash. Red after the lottery, we will not collect Wu Fu Man on the rest of the Fuqua, hope everyone can not lack of good new year -- the only difference is that in accordance with the rules of this part of the user is not the small little cash envelopes.

3, I see someone reliable in the sales forecast,?

answer: this year we will not create any FocA scarce, so there is no need to buy mrs.!!! At the same time, we should encourage people to exchange with Mrs. stranger friends, beware of fraud which may exist. New year's day, do not do such an attempt to plug their own.

4, said the sweep of the "blessing" word, why do I sweep the shape similar to the word, but also to sweep out?

answer: "happiness" as a symbol of taste, what creepy weird patterns are available, and similar "blessing" word patterns or words can be good to think that we can be all things into a blessing.

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