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"content_img_p" looking forward, looking forward to the final exam at the end of P. No matter how good the child, or the results are relatively general, the results came out, the heart mentioned in the throat. After all, the final score is directly related to the winter vacation from the parents get a variety of "concessions" and "benefits"!

remember when I was a child, the results came down, parents see before, you can also make a little "tampering", 69 can be changed into the 89, the 70 can also be PS into the 90 (not to mention a child you have not done such a thing). But now is the Internet era, this paper has not been sent down, the results have been sent to each parent's WeChat or QQ. Then, a few happy tears.

has a joke: a child said to his father, Dad, I took 15 points in the Chinese language, mathematics test scores of 2. Dad 5 minutes of silence, the children, sincere words and earnest wishes to say, you are a bit biased. Joke to joke, since the results have come out, rather than waste time on criticism and criticism, it is better to do a good job analysis and summary of the children.


analysis of

papers do papers issued down after the parents don't just stare at the scores of children. Help the child to analyze the examination paper to see what the reasons are wrong, only to find the crux of the problem, in order to let the children know where their problems.

1. reduce unnecessary mistakes.

a lot of children were expected to be able to test a very high score, but the papers sent down to find, less than their expected. The reason is that a lot of easy mistakes, not losing the place lost in vain. Such as:

I, write less or more to write a "0", the wrong symbol of operation, the "X" as "+" etc..

" application, wrong units, or out of the formula, but the calculation errors, or had a topic should be divided into two steps, the only answer a hurried answer.

similar mistakes, is caused by careless children. General primary and secondary school exams, finished papers, there will be time to check. When the examination papers, we must first see their most certain topics, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. I have time to watch carefully as far as possible, all the calculation on the class topic recaculation again. Don't wait until the papers issued down regret sigh: ah, these are not the wrong.

points out, but the analysis of the What is done cannot be undone., also analysis, avoid making the same mistake next time.

2. encountered difficulties, to try.

general examination, will encounter one or two problems. Many students see slightly difficult questions, my heart began to panic, and even beat a retreat.

I believe you have seen the Olympic Games medals, the athletes, in addition to the usual accumulation, solid basic skills, but also on a good play, calm analysis. This spirit of the athletes, students should seriously study.

any problem, there is also a breakthrough. A lot of experienced teachers have said that the problem is difficult, it will not break the basic knowledge of textbooks. So, once again encountered such a problem, may wish to focus on the basic knowledge of textbooks, a little bit of analysis and reasoning, and slowly find a solution.

3. usually accumulate more

in the foundation, prepared against want at the same time, parents may wish to buy a little bit difficult exercises. Children see some more problems, not to panic when the exam, do it naturally. In addition to the

problem, the more important is to cultivate children's habit of thinking and logical reasoning ability. Can be appropriate for children to expand some math knowledge, the premise is to master the basic topic of textbooks, do not patronize the problem, while ignoring the basis, or in the exam after all The loss outweighs the gain., basic questions.



in addition to the end of the papers, it is better to find out the child's usual unit test. Through the examination paper analysis, found that children often lost on the topic. The winter vacation time, Strike while the iron is hot., help children access.


to develop a special practice special exercises can be divided into two types:

a. specific types of training should be used in children

problem often wrong, let the children to do some application problems, and finishing of canada. This solution method can make children form a system of specific questions.

b. specific knowledge training

in addition, can also carry out special exercises for fallible points, as far as possible to find suitable for various types of the knowledge point. This can let the children of the same knowledge more firmly remember, at the same time, also can deal with complex types of changes.

in addition, the time to do, not only mechanical problem, a topic represents a kind of questions, must carefully understand summary, giving top priority to do.

2. pay attention to the accumulation of

accumulation has two kinds, one is the accumulation of experience, the two is to sum up lessons. < /

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