Do not think that every day in kindergarten children only know play, in fact, they learned these

Children kindergarten development personality

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child what can be learned in kindergarten? Some parents think that kindergarten is a place to play, did not learn what, some parents because no one at home with the children so he sent him to the kindergarten, in fact, as a kindergarten and preschool education institutions specialized, through its specific environment settings for children's physical and mental development plays an important role.

, learning how to live independently of


the children develop good habits from the beginning to enter the kindergarten, the teacher will train them after they wash their hands before meals and other health habits; help children get rid of the trouble when eating choosy food; early hours every day, regular work to ensure the health of children; in the kindergarten, every day there will be a special outdoor activities, a variety of equipment games, sports ability development of children, let the children love sports.

2. learning treat people polite manners

is the first step in children's social, see others to say hello, the wrong thing to say thank you, these are the most basic social skills. Respect for elders, teachers, and people friendly, these are not on the school to learn the contents of the kindergarten period should develop this awareness.

3. to teach the children to take care of their own

at home, many children are clothed, and in the kindergarten, eat a ready-cooked meal, the skills of every child must learn to live independently. For example, how to get up in the morning to wear clothes and socks, such as how to take chopsticks when eating, such as how to brush your teeth after dinner, and then, for example, how to wipe off the stool after a small ass... ... trifles, let the children understand the life is to take good care of yourself.


to protect their children in learning to live independently at the same time, to learn how to protect themselves. For example, when eating water to pay attention to do not burn themselves, such as playing with the child to pay attention to their own safety, dangerous action games do not participate. Still in kindergarten, not just talk to strangers, learn to help parents, teachers and police; understand the basic understanding of traffic rules, security identification and so on...

1 two, learn how to learn, learning habits and interest in

3-6 years old. Is the best time to cultivate children's habit of learning, the kindergarten will be targeted to cultivate children's attention, memory, imagination, and let the children develop the habit of reading and listening habits, these habits are the best help the child to learn in the future.

" to stimulate children's interest in learning, the kindergarten will create a variety of regional environment, knowledge, skills, and game environment combination, so the children in a game or activity, are in the process of learning, to cultivate children's interest in subtle.


learning ability compared to the official school, kindergarten owes more to let the children through their own exploration and discovery of the things around learning, it can let the children learn to think and explore. And the kindergarten will have the ability to train the children's early mathematical ability, artistic ability, which can train children's thinking ability.

three, cultivate children social skills


learn to make friends in the kindergarten, children and many children living and studying together, while kids to adapt to the new environment at the same time, while learn to communicate with other children, the establishment of a new the social relationship.

know "love" is a very important criterion of collective life, but at home, the child is difficult to have so many brothers and sisters, do not know how to love and their own children, so the relationship between kindergarten in fact is in contact with children they have not considered this layer. Get along well with children will make the children feel happier, happier and more fun in the kindergarten life.

2, learn to help others and gratitude

to guide the child in the ability to lend a helping hand to help people in need, and the feeling of caring about others. It is important to let the children learn to be grateful, to understand the parental upbringing of grace, the teacher's teachings of grace, the grace of a friend's help.

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