How does the pain of hip joint during pregnancy?

Pregnancy hip pain baby

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1, lead to pregnancy causes hip pain because of the relaxation of your body will release

hormone relaxin, which is the main hormone during pregnancy, it will soften all your joints and muscles. The pelvic joints softening can easily let the baby through the birth canal during childbirth, but this will increase the sensitivity of trauma, leading to pain. You

2, because during the expansion of the pregnant uterus

sciatica may oppress sciatic nerve, which causes numbness, tingling pain, thighs and hips. Close to the date of birth, the baby will change the position, you may feel uncomfortable.

pregnant women may have hip pain problems.

3, because of the characteristics of

round ligament pain in the groin and buttocks, abdomen area throbbing pain. When the baby's posture has any movement or change, your pain will increase.

4, transient osteoporosis

this is another major cause of hip pain, mainly in the second and third trimester. Transient osteoporosis leads to temporary bone loss in the upper thigh bone, which can cause hip pain when you walk or perform physical activity.

5, because of the increased weight of

during pregnancy, the extra weight you put into your body will put a lot of pressure on the pelvis, which can also cause pain in your hips. If your pain is too severe, consult a doctor.

6, because of your

, you can't maintain a balanced posture because of your heavy abdomen, which can lead to excessive stress on the hips, which can lead to pain and discomfort.

two, how to treat hip pain?

1, use a pregnancy pillow

you can prepare a pregnant woman's pillow, help support your back and waist. Lack of adequate support during sleep may cause pain in your hips. If you can not use a pillow, a collocation.

2, keep the lateral bed

in the last 3 months, especially near the due date, you should side, let your knees and legs bent. If you sleep on your hips, you can put a blanket or pillow on your lower back, which helps to reduce the pressure on your hips.

3, you can use hot therapy

you can use warm water bath or in the buttocks apply pouchof hot water to relieve your pain. You can also ask your doctor if you can have a massage.

4, stretching

if your muscles and bones tight, may cause you more hip pain and discomfort. Therefore, you can do some stretching exercises, extend your hips, back muscles, relieve pain.

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