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Europe alone quiet Danube; Africa run wild animal; Asian grand grand the Great Wall; North American Niagara world's largest transnational waterfall in South America; the legend of "the mirror of the sky" - Uyuni Oceania salt marsh; amorous Coral Sea and Antarctic Xiaguang 10000 under the irradiation of ice snow, these views have deeply touched our hearts.

bear Mourinho has developed a called "AR globe" of the new children's enlightenment education products, on the application of AR technology, using spherical identification, tracking and 3D rendering technology, intended to change the child to explore the world, let the children you can easily master the geography, the world encyclopedia knowledge, with it, parents can stay at home with the children enjoy the beauty of the world and moving. Today, Dismap geek dad with everyone together this wonderful globe evaluation.

" and the

product packaging mainly in blue, surrounded by a brand of cartoon image, product name, product use and bear Mourinho scene graph product AR globe usage. The upper part of a soft plastic handle, easy to carry, not to hurt the hand, cardboard material products are wear-resistant.

after the removal of the

box is only a white soft plastic wrapped globe, high 30cm, wide 23cm. No instruction manual. The earth does not specify the name of each country on the globe, only the names of the continents and oceans are identified, and the local representative of the animal pattern. Parents and children can explore the play on the basis of App tips.

globe beneath the base with an activation of the two-dimensional code, scan the QR code to activate the software, each two-dimensional code for 5 sets of equipment activation.

this AR globe uses edible standard soybean oil ink, printing process in line with EU safety standards, parents do not have to worry about the product's environmental safety issues.

product experience that

product trial age: above 3

maintenance: wipe the dirt on the surface of

sphere main material with a dry cloth:

plastic bracket of the globe main materials: metal, plastic

software system requirements: Android, 4.1 IOS7.0

device memory requirements: above 1G (recommended 2G) "img_box"

product experience:

this product supports IOS and Android system, users can search in the App Store or 360 in the market in a neo "download App. Click on the lower right corner of the topic area, click on the "AR globe" to download, download after the success of the theme in the upper right corner of the check mark prompt will appear. In the lower right corner of the theme area has a button, click the button to delete the downloaded theme information.

AR globe supports eight languages including Chinese, English, Han Wen, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Russian. The user can switch the language in the lower right corner of the main interface and login information settings.

into the experience of interface, display the moment just above the center of the screen, on the left side of the screen four buttons were screenshots, videos, sound (Music) and flip camera, the screen below 9 different cartoon icons represent 8 different theme experience mode. The top right corner of the magnifying glass button can help children more clearly observe the information on the globe, while the small speakers can switch between Chinese and English two language playback mode. There is a similar pattern of white clover to focus on the middle of the screen, confirm the role of the mobile phone camera at the globe, in the animation mode, scanning to specific scenes or state indicator turns green that scanning success.

state model

in the national mode, users can learn to 170 countries including the United States, Chinese, Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, the local customs and practices and national geographic. After the center of the indicator becomes green, the screen will appear in the lower right corner of a small white hand, click on the pattern, you can learn about the country, ethnic costumes, specialty food and tourist attractions.

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