Which products should be used to nourish the baby's lips?

Product infant lips nutrition

lingyuwang· 2017-01-20 22:50:48

a, how to nourish the lips of infants and young children?

1, can use Vaseline

if your baby's lips are too dry, you can use Vaseline, lanolin, or other moisturizing agent. These natural petrolatum can avoid hurting the baby's lips.

2, coconut oil can be used

some mothers will use coconut oil to moisten the baby's lips. Heat a little coconut oil, or rub directly on the palm of the hand, and then coated on the baby's lips. Coconut oil can not only nourish the skin, but also can be used as antibacterial agent to cure the skin condition.

baby lips will dry crack.

3, olive oil can be used

olive oil is very suitable for baby's skin, not only can be used in dry lips, but also can be used in the whole body of moisture. You just need to use fingertips on the baby's lips, you can provide moisture.

4, you can use honey

you can also try to use honey, but to avoid the use of small babies, because they will lick it. So, if your child is old enough to understand, you can use a little honey to help his lips.

5, you can use glycerol

if you do not have honey, you can also try to use glycerol. Mixed 1~2 drops of glycerin in commonly used cream on children. Glycerin is used only when the lips are cracked.

6, add enough fluid

in addition to this, you simply have to ensure that your child is getting enough water, because the lips dry may also be caused by dehydration. At the same time, you also need to ensure that children get enough weight of five categories of food.

two, leading to the cause of infant lips dry

1, because the weather is dry

dry weather, the skin will lose more moisture, and therefore become dry. The skin of the lips is very thin, so it is more likely to be affected by the weather and dry conditions, especially in winter.

2, because of the lack of water

body lack of moisture, the skin will become dry, serious when there will be symptoms of dehydration, such as coma. Therefore, you should let the child more moisture to prevent dehydration.


, the lack of certain nutrients, sometimes dry lips may also be because of a lack of vitamin B3, B6, zinc and iron, so you can also try to provide this kind of food to the children to eat, to improve the condition of dry lips.

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