How babies learn in kindergarten toilet training?

Baby kindergarten psychology child

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, a kindergarten training baby toilet should pay attention to matters of

1, to ensure that children

if kindergarten before the baby can smooth the toilet at home, you only need to confirm the expression of the toilet children can clearly thought, can let him in the kindergarten.

2, told the teacher

you should inform the kindergarten teacher in advance, the current situation of child potty training, so the teacher can be prepared, ready to watch children's toilet, to prevent wet pants.

" can be their best in the nursery toilet.

3, prepare extra clothes

due to toilet training stage, baby is very easy to be careful not to wet your pants. Therefore, you should prepare extra pants, underwear, socks, and even a jacket, as well as spare shoes.

4, clothes easy to wear off

you help your baby choose the best clothes to wear off, especially pants. You can choose sports pants or trousers upon, in addition to convenient baby wear off, also can prevent urine directly seeping into the socks and shoes.

5, communicate with the child first

you should communicate with your child in advance, told him to use the toilet in kindergarten. You can take him to the toilet and tell him when he wants to go to the bathroom.

6, reward your child with

nursery and home is different, so you should encourage your child. If your child can succeed in the kindergarten to the toilet, you can give him some prizes to encourage and praise him and give him more confidence.

two, baby nursery should have the ability of

1, the basic living ability of

although the number of students are a class of kindergarten teacher is not much, but still can not completely take care of all the little friends. Therefore, you should let the children learn basic life skills, like to eat, wear slippers, toilet and so on.


, the basic communication skills in school children have what thing need to help the teacher to be able to express themselves clearly, so that the teacher can help children, help children the most correct.


can interact with people you'd better let children can adapt and get along with children of the same age, like some friends of children traveling together, or playing with other children in the house, will help him learn and live interactive way.

4, receive instructions

if your baby can not understand your instructions, then you should not let him go to kindergarten. Otherwise, the teacher's instructions and requirements of the child will be unable to understand, and therefore can not make the right response, affecting the child psychology.

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