Child safety: what items should avoid giving children?

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lingyuwang· 2017-01-20 22:51:20

, one should avoid giving children a gift?

1, avoid providing food

never give someone else's children sweets or drinks. Sweets and drinks contain a lot of sugar, only empty calories. Junk food and cheese should also be avoided, because they contain a lot of calories, can also lead to indigestion and stomach pain.

2, avoid giving drugs

an over-the-counter cough and cold medicine could harm a child. So never give a child a drug, even if it is effective for your child.

avoid giving candy to other children.

3, avoid family therapy

many common family therapy, although there may be therapeutic effect, may also be effective for your baby. But do not apply to other children, because it may worsen symptoms.

4, although

will avoid providing toys children love furry teddy bear toys, but these fur may lead to infant respiratory problems, resulting in sudden infant death syndrome. In addition, sharp toys will hurt the child, we must avoid.

5, mobile phone tablet

electronic devices will harm the brain cells of infants and young children, you certainly do not want to let your child use, of course, do not provide for the use of other children.

6 avoid sharp objects

you should avoid making the child contact with sharp objects. Children like to eat things, sharp objects may cause them to be injured. Safety pins, scissors, etc. should be good.

7, to avoid harmful substances

plastic bags will be closed, because children may put plastic bags on the head, causing suffocation. In addition, chemicals and pesticides should also be avoided to allow children to get.

two, how to ensure the children's safety?

1, all of the dangerous goods collection of dangerous goods

home should be a good collection, like sharp objects, detergent, medicine, battery and so on, these are likely to hurt your children or the children of others.

2 and

give fresh food if you want to give children food, preferably fresh fruit or fruit juice, which can provide children with nutrition, but will not affect the health.

3, at any time to watch the child

whether it is your child or someone else's child, you should always look at the prison, do not let them play alone. Most of the time, accidents have occurred in children alone, so you must always accompany beside.

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