How to help children with septic sore throat?

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lingyuwang· 2017-01-20 22:51:23

a, how to relieve children with septic sore throat?

1, try to stay in bed

in order to make the child feel better, you should let him rest in bed, which can help him recover faster, restore the power to fight disease. Let the children stay indoors until the fever, and received antibiotic therapy.

2, provide soothing food

because the child may be difficult to swallow, so you'd better provide some easy to swallow, and can relieve the discomfort of food, such as soup, fruit puree, cold food.

septic sore throat can cause swelling of the throat.

3, one of the most effective ways to use apple cider vinegar

to treat septic sore throat is to use apple cider vinegar. Let the children use diluted apple cider vinegar gargle. If a child dares to try, you can also let him drink more, the effect is better.

4, gargle with salt water

sore throat is the first sign of septic sore throat, if the child feels pain, you should take immediate action. Allow your child to gargle with warm salt water several times, which can help him eliminate redness and irritation of the skin and bacteria.

5, add air moisture

dry air will increase the child's discomfort. Therefore, increasing the humidity of the air can make children feel better. Water can let children's film does not dry and stimulating, you can do this with a humidifier.

6, drink plenty of water

let the children drink plenty of water to clean his throat, relieve his swallowing pain, and also can prevent dehydration. If the child's throat is dry, it will only make the symptoms worse.

two, how to avoid children infected with the disease? One of the most important ways to prevent

infection is to wash your hands frequently,

1. The hands of the bacteria is easy to accidentally eat into the mouth, or touch the cheek into the body. Frequent hand washing can prevent infection.

2, often wearing a mask

when your child out of public places, let him wear masks. Many bacteria in public places, it is easy to spread germs, wearing masks can prevent germs into the body.

3, stay away from sick people

if the children around the sick patients, it is best to let him away from them, including you. If you or your family have a cold, sore throat, it is best to avoid too much contact with the child.

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