Accidental injuries caused by tetanus

Tetanus infant fever child

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1, the common symptoms of tetanus had moderate

have a fever have a fever is the most common symptoms of tetanus infection, usually in the exposure to bacteria after 5 days will have symptoms. Therefore, if the child has a fever after the injury symptoms, the best medical examination.

2, muscle stiffness and pain

stiff chin, neck and back are common symptoms of tetanus. In addition, muscle stiffness usually leads to physical pain, many patients will have symptoms of headache.

" can be injured a tetanus shot to prevent infection.

3, sweating, dehydration, oliguria,

, excessive sweating and dehydration are common signs of tetanus. In addition, because of dehydration, so the infection will appear to reduce the amount of urine, stool harden and so on.


, frequent urination and defecation because the muscles become weak, children may be difficult to control their bladder and bowel, so you will find the children to increase the number of urination and defecation, constantly running toilet.

5, prone to fracture

due to tetanus infection, bones and muscles will become weaker, which makes patients very easy to fracture. So if your child is injured, and inexplicable fractures, the best medical examination.


tetanus lockjaw asphyxia if a long time without treatment, the final state will appear asphyxia, respiratory failure, masticatory muscle cramps and other symptoms, the situation may be very dangerous.

two, how to deal with accidental injuries to children?

1, carefully clean the wound

when the child accidentally injured, you should carefully clean the wound for him. With plenty of water rinse the wound of mud and gravel, to prevent residual stains caused by infection after cayao.


to wipe the natural ointment for childhood wounds, wipe the best natural medicines, such as aloe gel, turmeric powder, honey, can treat, help the wound to prevent infection, but also can avoid chemical stimulation.

3, daily cleaning dressing

in addition to the first wound care, you also need to help children change dressing every day. You can first use the garlic water to clean the baby's wound, to help sterilization, resistance to infection, then rub the ointment.


, timing watch wound due to wound infection in scab will appear before the possibility of healing, so you should regularly check the children's wounds, to prevent wound infection. If the wound is running, the best medical examination.

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