Most cattle pilot! 60 seconds to kill 4 Indian aircraft

India fighter pilot air force

micaihujunshi· 2017-01-20 22:54:41

as a fighter pilot, the biggest task is through the exquisite technology to destroy enemy aircraft, and shot down 5 enemy planes in general as long as it can be regarded as the ace. The pilot today to say, is the trump card in the trump card, because he once in 1 minutes, India killed 4 aircraft, creating a world record, but this record yet to be broken, with a look.

" from the pilot Chinese iron brother in Pakistan, named Mohamed · Ahmad · Alam. India and Pakistan have been in conflict over the border issue, the history of a total of 3 Indian War broke out. What we are talking about today is what happened in the second war between India and pakistan. Time to return to 1965, the second India Pakistan war broke out, the two into the Air Force combat troops. Alam is the commander of the eleventh squadron of the Pakistan air force, the rank of major, had already had considerable experience in flight, so this time he still as the main pilots of the war. Combat

1965" in September 7th: Alam was driving North America F-86, the aircraft is the United States after World War II the first generation fighter, serving in 1949, after the export to Pakistan air force, 6 machine gun F-86 assembly for a total of 1800 rounds of ammunition, continue to design 15 seconds, the average per second more than and 100 bullets, the density is quite powerful, and no 4-5 bullets inside, one is penetrators, another is high explosive incendiary bullets, the power is very strong. The India Air Force pilot is a Hawke Hunter fighter, a British fighter designed after World War ii.

Alam is mainly used in short bursts, each shot time only half a second, even shorter than half a second. The first test, the F-86 assembly of 6 machine guns while she was sent a dense bullet, immediately hit the India air force, an aircraft fuel tank, the plane crashed immediately. Alam before flying British Hunter fighters, very understanding of it, the hunter fighter Fighter Wing Hunter weakness is too big, when a sharp turn, speed loss too much, there will be lack of motivation, and F-86 can be a very good response to a sharp turn, can quickly close to the hunter, the hunter from the 450 section speed reduced to 240 knots, and then have to do 7G pull up to get rid of Alam, and India fighters on a plane then flew into Alam's sight, then get rid of the plane.

in this way, one minute to easily get rid of 4 plus India fighter, and soon shot down the aircraft of the fifth. After the war, Alam became a national hero in Pakistan. Alam's name has entered the Pakistan Air Force Museum Hall of fame, and since then, Pakistan has also issued a special stamp to commemorate the memory of Alam.

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