What are the symptoms of diabetes in pregnant women

Pregnant women diabetes mellitus symptoms pregnancy

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What are the symptoms of diabetes in pregnant women was

1, polyuria is pregnant women have symptoms of diabetes of pregnant

can be said to be the happiest woman in my life, but if at this time to suffer from diabetes, the mother and child belly has a great influence. This is due to high blood sugar, more than renal glucose threshold (8.89 ~ 10.0mmol/L), the glucose cannot the glomerular filtrate was completely tubular reabsorption, osmotic diuresis, higher blood sugar, urine excretion more, more urine, 24h urine volume can reach 5000 ~ 10000ml, renal glucose threshold increased, urine glucose excretion disorder in mild to moderate blood glucose increased, polyuria was not obvious.

2", food is the mechanism of diabetes of pregnant women have

more food is not very clear, most scholars tend to be glucose utilization (before and after import tissue cells in venous blood glucose concentration difference) decrease, normal fasting animals reduced the difference in blood glucose concentration, stimulate feeding center, produce hunger; hyperglycemia after feeding, arteriovenous blood concentration increased (more than 0.829mmoL/L), the central feeding inhibition, satiety excitability, feeding requirements disappeared, however, patients with diabetes due to absolute or relative lack of insulin or tissue that are sensitive to insulin decreased uptake of glucose, while blood glucose at a high level, but the concentration of glucose in blood The difference is very small, cell is actually "hunger", so as to stimulate the feeding center, caused by hunger, eating more; in addition, the body can not make full use of large amounts of glucose, glucose excreted in urine, so the body is actually in semi starvation, lack of energy is caused by excessive appetite.

3, pregnant women have the symptoms of diabetes urine is one of the

of all pregnant women should be diagnosed as early pregnancy diastix, if negative, in the middle and late repeated determination. In normal pregnancy, especially after 4 months of pregnancy, the renal tubular reabsorption of glucose. Sometimes the blood glucose level is within the normal range, but due to the decline in renal glucose threshold and diabetes. In the postpartum lactation, also may occur physiological lactose urine. So need further positive urine fasting blood glucose and glucose tolerance test to confirm the diagnosis. In patients with diabetes is also common, because glucose cannot be completely oxidized, the body can not make full use of glucose and effectively release energy at the same time, tissue dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and negative nitrogen balance, and thus feel malaise, listlessness.

pregnant women with diabetes in the

gestational diabetes mellitus patients with high blood glucose concentration, excess sugar will penetrate into the fetus through pregnant women, the impact of fetal health and development, and even the incidence of. If the fetal blood glucose concentration is too high, the pancreas will automatically secrete excess insulin, thereby affecting the fetal weight.

fetal overweight will become a huge child, the fetus is too large may appear dystocia and fetal death, etc.. If the fetal blood glucose concentration is too high, it may also suffer from a variety of diseases, such as respiratory distress syndrome, hemolytic disease of the newborn. Prolonged labor, fetal hypoxia may cause irreversible damage to the brain cells of the newborn. Gestational diabetes is also very dangerous for pregnant women, easily lead to premature delivery, increase the probability of cesarean section, and the prevalence of bacterial infection. The probability of the occurrence of amniotic fluid in patients with gestational diabetes is 10%-30%, which may be due to the increase in fetal blood glucose levels, leading to the emergence of osmotic diuresis, which causes excessive amniotic fluid in pregnant women. In clinic, the amniotic fluid surge can cause pregnant women's heart and lung function abnormality.

what is the treatment of gestational diabetes

principles of dietary therapy, according to the patients with pregnancy and fetal size different treatment to provide food, proper control of carbohydrate, fat and protein food in the proportion of 50%, 30% fat, carbohydrates, protein 20%.

" through regular exercise regularly, every half an hour, the movement range from mild to moderate, lower levels of insulin in the blood through the movement, improve insulin resistance, increase the body's sensitivity to insulin. For good glycemic control in patients with weekly review of blood sugar until birth to poor glycemic control in patients with 24 h blood glucose monitoring, blood glucose and insulin according to adjust the dosage of the drug, with the increase of the gestational age increased the amount of insulin. Close monitoring of blood glucose and urine glucose and ketone, glycosylated hemoglobin, fundus examination and kidney function. Ultrasound and serological screening for fetal abnormalities in early and mid pregnancy. 32 weeks of pregnancy can be produced by NST, umbilical artery blood flow measurement and judgment of fetal intrauterine fetal movement counting etc..

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