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tuwanwang· 2017-01-21 03:44:32

in the last few days of each division game, veiros appeared frequently and play good.

introduction: in the last few days of each division game, veiros appeared frequently and play good. In general ADC is not optimistic about the version of veiros has become a favorite game.

version of the

output mode analysis and reducing the injured =POKE+

Q tank killer ultra long range of skills and E skills output, output can be played before the war, the environment harm opponents safety.

" after the war, the mechanism of W maximum life extra damage make veiros before the mid still has a huge threat on the opposite side of the front. The output of the

environment =575 Pugong distance control

+R trapped than the rest of AD verus attack distance slightly far, are a little better on the line or teamfight output environment, although no displacement, but E has a range of speed, R can control group, the first hit the target is not difficult.

version of vane = + passive strengthening

" to strengthen coordination with W dilapidated verus, let veiros face opposite the front output is very high.

" passive strengthening veiros enjoyed to let Gongsu returns, not a piece of equipment of the output gap.

Rune talent & equipment recommended

essence and blue I have chosen 16% attack speed, attack speed to help Verus go out to enjoy the passive bonus, to achieve online repression, the remaining choices are normal AD rune.

" talents enthusiasm, increase the attack can increase QE damage, high attack speed is also very fast following superposition.

loaded flexible

equipment according to the recent contest, it is not difficult to see that the equipment verus is very flexible, POKE can absorb blue knife combined phantom, opposite to the outbreak of AP high can choose to drink knife, control mercury can choose scimitar, meat can be directly across the lineup is very dilapidated hurricane light language, even one is for the Bureau, directly pulled out by them to maximize their own evil religion singles POKE for.

plus points players will choose different, most of the main absorption blue knife hurricane Q side W, the main E side mostly dilapidated hurricane W, with different equipment to add flexible change.

can be seen, able to respond to some different opponents out of the pack is the strongest following place, let this AD very strong applicability.

FORG1VEN" in the game is the main Q pair of W points, and then face the opposite combination output uses POKE did not return ability to play, finally a perfect data 12/1/6. CPT Jack

" this is different, in the face of the crocodile across the middle of a stone hammer, can increase the passive armor, a big move to increase its output, the output is likely to be interrupted, so decisively broken hurricane, then the main E W, as far as possible to play more of the AOE output. Conclusion

may not all verus inside AD strongest, but strong for everyone's good graces, go try it! [

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